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Policy for Recording Classroom Instruction

Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set forth guidance on properly recording (whether audio, video, or streaming), sharing, distributing, and/or publishing classroom instruction.

Persons Affected

Faculty, Students

Policy Statement

Farmingdale State College faculty members may voluntarily record (whether audio, video, or streaming) classroom instruction for educational purposes.

Students may record classroom instruction as part of an accommodation approved by the Disability Services Center. Prior to recording, students must request this accommodation by registering with the Disability Services Center. Classroom instruction recorded by students for such accommodations cannot be shared.

Classroom instruction must be recorded and shared, distributed and/or published on College approved online learning platforms only, recordings may not be shared on any other platforms or internet sites, including social media sites.

Recorded classroom instruction that includes students or any of their identifiable information (i.e. name, voice, image, or likeness) may only be shared with students in the same course section of the same semester. These recordings cannot be shared with any other course sections. Students must be notified if classroom instruction is intended to be recorded via the course syllabus, as well as prior to recording each class session.

Recordings of classroom instruction intended to be used for other sections or courses must include faculty members only. It is prohibited to have students or any of their identifiable information in recordings of classroom instruction that will be shared with other sections or courses. Recordings of such classroom instruction can only be accessible to Farmingdale State College faculty, staff, and students. Capturing, copying, and/or sharing of recordings to others by faculty, staff, and students is prohibited.

Faculty must follow the below procedures when recording, sharing, distributing, and/or publishing classroom instruction.

As indicated in the Professional Handbook, faculty must include the following verbiage in the course syllabus, “This course will be periodically recorded to support course instruction. Recordings will be made available ONLY to students registered for the course. Students will be notified at the beginning of the class session if the session will be recorded.”


Instructions and training on how to properly record and share recordings of classroom instruction using approved software and online learning platforms can be found on the recording class instruction training resources web page.

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Responsible Office

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Policy History

Effective January 25, 2021