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Reimbursement of Moving Expenses Policy

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff

Policy Statement

College funds may be used to reimburse certain expenses incurred by new appointees when transporting themselves, their families, and household goods and personal effects to their new place of residence. This policy applies to State appointments.

When an employing unit’s administration believes it is necessary to attract specific personnel, reimbursement of moving and related expenses up to the amount of $3,000 may be authorized by the area Vice President.

Reimbursement of moving and related expenses shall not be made to an eligible employee unless the employee agrees in writing to return the monies received for such expenses in the event the employee resigns or voluntarily separates from employment within one year of the initial appointment.

IRS Implications
IRS Publication 521 Moving Expenses explains the deduction of certain expenses of moving to a new home because of a change in job location or starting a new job. Refer to Publication 521 for complete information regarding the proper tax treatment of moving and related expense.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Must meet the distance test as outlined in IRS Publication 521 Moving Expenses Full time appointment required Professional/faculty appointment required.


Qualifies for Reimbursement

Basic cost of moving household goods and personal effects up to 12,000 pounds, including pianos, refrigerators, and deep freezers

Yes - Must use a carrier authorized by the US Department of Transportation or trailers/trucks rented from commercial establishments. If neither commercial mover nor rental truck is used, documented moving expenses up to $200
are reimbursable

Additional insurance above the lowest valuation rate charged


Packing/unpacking household goods and personal effects


Short duration (30 days) in-transit storage


Mileage incurred to drive one personally-owned vehicle from the old to the new location

Yes - Mileage is reimbursed at the rate paid by NYS for moving purposes.

Meals* and lodging


Second automobiles and other motor vehicles, boats, and trailers (other than those used as the appointee’s residence)*


Expenses related to buying or selling a house*


Expenses for renting temporary living quarters*


Building materials, animals raised for profit,
farming equipment, livestock


Reimbursement request submission timeframe*

Within one year of the effective date of appointment


  1. The candidate for employment must sign the offer letter for employment.
  2. The Area Vice President must provide the Department of Human Resources with authorization to pay relocation expenses.
  3. This authorization must indicate the maximum amount of money payable to the individual.
  4. The reimbursement will be based on costs from a reasonable distance and budget availability.
  5. The candidate must complete the Request for reimbursement of Moving Expenses (Form AC-1099).
  6. The candidate must sign the repayment agreement on the form.
  7. A receipted original or carbon copy of the Bill of Lading or Freight Bill must be attached. Additionally, if a certified carrier is not used, copies of three competitive bids must be included.
  8. A Standard Voucher (Form AC-92) must be attached providing a summary of the details of allowable expenditures.
  9. All completed forms should be submitted to the Director of Human Resources or designee for processing.


Household goods and personal effects
Household goods are all reasonable items of furniture, furnishing, clothing, appliances, tools, and equipment, including necessary expenditures for handling such items as pianos, refrigerators, and deep freezers. For the purposes of moving expenses, the term personal effects includes, but is not limited to, moveable personal property that the employee owns and frequently uses

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NYS Finance Law 204
IRS Publication 521 Moving Expenses
SUNY Policy – Payment of Moving Expenses

Responsible Office

Human Resources

Policy History

Effective Date: April 15, 2013