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Aviation Flight Center Safety Policy

Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish safety guidelines for faculty, staff, and students entering the Aviation Flight Center, specifically the ramp area.

All employees working at the Aviation Flight Center or other Farmingdale State College employees who have cause to access the Flight Center Ramp Area will be provided with this policy on an annual basis by the Aviation Flight Center Safety Officer.

All students accessing the Flight Center will be provided with this policy at the beginning of each semester by the Flight Center Safety Officer.

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff, Students, Third-Parties

Policy Statement

The safety of Farmingdale State College’s faculty, staff, and students is a priority of the College. The FSC Aviation Center (AVCent) flight line parking area for college-owned aircraft is a Republic Airport restricted area requiring Flight Center access to the ramp area for authorized persons. As a campus facility operating aircraft, the Aviation Flight Center presents inherent risks and safety hazards and those on the ramp should take measures to limit distractions while on the ramp. It is imperative that all faculty, staff, and students entering the Aviation Flight Center’s ramp area, including all employees specifically assigned to the Aviation Flight Center, follow the safety measures outlined below for the safety of themselves and others in the area.

All those in the Aviation Flight Center ramp area must be aware of moving aircrafts and propellers. Incoming and outgoing aircrafts have the right-of-way over any person(s) in the Aviation Flight Center ramp area. All those in the ramp area are responsible for relocating themselves if they see a moving or incoming aircraft and stay at least 50 feet away from the moving aircraft.

For safety purposes, all persons must not:

  1. be within a 15-foot radius of any non-moving propeller
  2. be within a 25-foot radius of an aircraft while its engine is running. If the rear fin strobe of an aircraft is on and blinking that aircraft is to be considered running.
  3. be within 50 feet from a moving aircraft

The use of tobacco is prohibited in the Aviation Center ramp area.

Under no circumstances are individuals or equipment allowed onto the ECHO Ramp (noted as “Do Not Operate” on the diagram below). This Ramp is managed by Republic Airport Operations and trespassers can be detained.

Airport's aerial view of the ECHO Ramp.


Aviation Flight Center Ramp Area- Area outside of the Aviation Flight Center where aircraft are being maintained, operated, and/or flown. This excludes the ECHO Ramp which is managed by the Republic Airport operations and should never be entered by anyone other than authorized personnel.

Responsible Office

Aviation Flight Center

Policy History

Approval Date: 11/23/2021