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Use of Farmingdale State College Fleet Vehicles

Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline requirements for requesting and operating College vehicles.

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff, Students

Policy Statement

Farmingdale State College owns various vehicles for the purposes of adequately responding to emergencies, maintaining campus grounds, and providing other necessary services. These vehicles represent a large public investment and must be used only for official Facilities Operations or College business, personal use of these vehicles is prohibited.

Vehicles and other designated equipment are to be operated only by Facilities Operations employees who are duly licensed and authorized. Campus employees may request to use College vehicles for official business by following the procedures outlined below. All employees must have a valid driver’s license and a completed LENS (License Event Notification System) form on file with University Police in order to be authorized to drive any College vehicle. Vehicles and equipment cannot be used off campus unless authorized by the department head.

To operate a College vehicle or motorized equipment, employees must have a valid driver’s license, operate the vehicle safely and in compliance with applicable laws, policies, and procedures. In addition to the aforementioned requirements, any person operating a campus passenger van must comply with SUNY Policy 5601-Passenger Vans, which requires individuals to complete a passenger van driver training course. Employees are responsible for the proper and legal use, general care, correct and efficient operation, upkeep, and cleanliness (inside and out) of their assigned vehicle and/or designated equipment. Smoking and the use of cellular devices without a hands-free adapter in College vehicles and equipment is prohibited.

Any vehicle operation on walk ways, other than responding to emergencies, is prohibited. Great care should be taken while driving and backing up on campus. Assistance should be obtained when backing up on campus, especially where the driver does not have a clear view of the entire area behind the vehicle. All accidents involving College vehicles or equipment must be reported to University Police or local authorities if occurring off campus

Improper usage, neglect, or operational abuse of vehicles or equipment may be grounds for disciplinary action. Tickets for illegal use or accidents of College vehicles without proper authorization may be the responsibility of the employee.


  1. Campus employees can request the usage of a College vehicle using the Vehicle Request Form.
  2. All request forms must be submitted to Administration and Finance.
  3. Drivers will be notified if they are not on the approved drivers list and/or have not completed a LENS form. Drivers will also be notified if they are required to complete the passenger van driver training course.
  4. Vehicles are to be picked up at the Service Building between the hours of 730am and 4pm.
  5. When vehicles are to be picked up on weekends and after hours, employees must arrange with the dispatcher or the garage to pick up keys.
  6. A mileage log located in the vehicles are to be completed.
  7. Vehicles should be returned in front of the Garage at the Service Building.

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