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About FSC

Farmingdale State College is dedicated to student success. FSC is committed to student-centered learning and inclusiveness. We prepare our graduates to be competitive in a diverse and technologically dynamic society.

FSC is a place of self-discovery and achievement. Learn more about FSC to see if we are the right choice for you.

Campus Shuttle

Farmingdale State College is now offering a free Campus Shuttle for the FSC community. The shuttle is open to all students, faculty, staff, visitors, and alumni Mondays through Friday.

The shuttle is wheelchair accessible and will pick up all riders at the front of Laffin Hall, the LIRR station in the Village of Farmingdale, and the FSC Aviation Center.

* Note there is no shuttle service on Saturdays or Sundays.

People boarding the FSC shuttle

Dining on Campus

There are a variety of choices on campus including the all-you-care-to-eat dining facility POPs, the Campus Center Food Court, and Books 'n Beans café.

We Proudly Serve Starbucks in the Campus Center and Books 'n Beans café.

Ram Sculpture

The Ram sculpture – symbol of Farmingdale’s sports teams – was created by Brooklyn sculptor Wendy Klemperer. Says the artist: “The imagery that pervades my work reflects a lifelong fascination with animals. When I began making sculpture as an adult I developed these mental images in three dimensions.”

Sustainable Garden

The Sustainable Garden is an outdoor classroom for students in the College's ornamental horticulture program. Created in 2013, SUNY named it one of “Six Big Ideas, With Unlimited Potential.” It promotes working, productive ornamental landscapes, and champions the idea of  combining ornamental and edible plantings.

Robert F. Ench Teaching Gardens

The Robert F. Ench Teaching Gardens’ four-acres are a series of theme gardens that have evolved since the 1930's. It contains Annual Beds, Rose Garden, Beech Hedge Garden, Dwarf Conifer Collection, weeping Higan cherries, Herb Garden, Spring Garden Walk, Tropical Garden, Grass Garden, Conservatory Garden, Perennial Garden, and more. 

9/11 Memorial Garden

A Memorial Garden and plaque outside the Nold Hall Athletic Complex honors the memory of 26 former lacrosse players from across the region who lost their lives in the 9/11 attack. It consists of a 3 x 5 granite stone flanked by two black granite towers inscribed with the names of the victims.

Horton Hall 9/11 Memorial

The Memorial celebrates the efforts of 9/11 rescue workers. It includes a sculpture of a rescue dog moving down an eight-foot I-beam toward a firefighter's helmet at the base. The rescue dog was donated by alumna Theresa Patnode Santmann, and the eight-foot piece was created by artist Liza Todd-Tivey.

METASPACE/Observation 31

METASPACE/Observation 31 is a 7’ x 16’ oil on canvas created by Dimitry Schidlovsky – a prominent Long Island artist whose work has been exhibited across the metro area, and appeared often on the cover of The New York Times Science Times section.

Memorial Gallery

Memorial Gallery is a teaching space and visual resource that enriches campus and community cultural life. It is accomplished through the exhibition of imagery related to the communication arts, which represent a wide range of media, cultures, and time periods. It is open to the public, weekdays, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Ralph Bunche Plaza

Named after Ralph Bunche - American diplomat and first African-American to win the Nobel Peace Prize – the Plaza is decorated with more than 40 flags from countries that have graduated students from the College. Wall of Honor bricks line the walls.  Fountain Fest and Earth Day celebrations welcome spring.

Last Modified 3/27/23