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Part Time Recruiting and Hiring

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Farmingdale State College that all part time vacancies, aside from adjunct faculty, be approved through the formal requisition process. As a practice, the College will no longer be hiring temporary part time professionals except when needed for a limited and finite duration. If a part time professional position is needed, a new permanent position must be created, and the employee will be hired as a percent of that position.
While searches are not required, it is still considered the best practice, and is recommended when conditions allow.

If a clerical employee is needed for an assignment of limited duration, be it full or part time, the temporary hiring procedure must be followed. Refer to the Temporary Hiring Procedure listed in the policies at the end of this document.


  1. For all new part-time professional vacancies, excluding adjunct faculty, a justification must be submitted to Human Resources, and approved, prior to beginning the recruitment and appointment process. Please see the policy below regarding New Position Justification and Approval before proceeding any further.
  2. The “Request to Hire” form must be completed by the hiring department and submitted to Human Resources. This form can be found on the HR Forms page at:
  3. https://aries.farmingdale.edu/human-resources/forms-schedules.shtml
  4. Human Resources circulates the form to obtain the proper approvals through the Interview Exchange system.
  5. If a search is to be conducted, the position will be posted and the Search Procedure Guidelines will be followed.
  6. If an appointment is to be made without a full search, the appointee’s information must be submitted to Human Resources.
  7. Full background searches will be conducted on all part time candidates.
  8. Upon obtaining the background clearance, an offer letter will be sent to the appointed employee.
Under no circumstances should an employee be working on the campus without background clearance from the Human Resources Department.

Responsible Office

Human Resources

Policy History

Effective Date: 12/1/17
Supersedes issue of: 9/9/16