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Project Initiation Policy

Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure projects related to campus facilities such as; construction, rehabilitation, significant equipment orders, and other activities modifying campus property are in compliance with New York State construction codes, fire safety codes, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and other construction-related regulations. This policy is also intended to ensure any projects are consistent with the campus’ strategic plan, budget, and space/aesthetic goals.

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff, Third-Parties

Policy Statement

All Farmingdale State College projects related to facilities (hereinafter “Projects”), must be reviewed and approved by Facilities Operations. Projects include any campus modification to facilities, construction, rehabilitation, ordering of significant equipment, conversions of existing space, and requiring use of materials and labor of any form. All departments and offices, including Related Entities, are required to request such Projects, as defined below, by following the procedures outlined in the policy. This includes all Projects regardless of funding sources. Funding sources include, but are not limited to: campus operating funds, income fund reimbursable, dormitory income fund reimbursable, Research Foundation, Related Entities, New York Power Authority (NYPA) grants, any other grants.


1. A Project Request Form must be completed and approved by the dean, department head or director.

2. The Budget Office will review the Project Request Form to ensure the Project is aligned with the campus’ strategic plan and budget.

3. If approved by the Budget Office, Facilities Operations will review the Project Request Form and determine if the request needs to be approved by Senior Administration.

4. The project request may be denied by Facilities Operations or Senior Administration in which case the Project Request Form will be returned to the requestor with an explanation.

5. After the Project Request Form has been approved, Facilities Operations will do the following:

a. Create a Project Initiation Form and assign the project a project number.

b. Establish a scope of work based on the project details in the Project Request Form.

c. Prepare a cost estimate, either by Facilities Operations or a third party.

d. Establish a project schedule based on the scope of work. This schedule will target critical dates and help achieve an anticipated completion date.

6. Facilities Operations will schedule a meeting to discuss the project, if deemed necessary.

7. After the meeting, Facilities Operations will make any necessary changes to the project initiation form and complete the funding section of the form.

8. Once all parts of the Project Initiation Form are completed, a final copy will be sent to the requestor and dean, department head or director for their records.

9. At this time, the project, depending on the size and complexity, will be scheduled for design or construction and will follow the State University of New York procurement guidelines for design and construction.

10. If the project must go to design, construction will not take place until the design is fully complete.

11. All work will follow New York State building codes and regulations.

12. Facilities Operations will be responsible for all aspects of inspections and testing required for the project. If testing and inspection are required by a third party, Facilities Operations will coordinate all services that are needed.

13. Facilities Operations will be the only liaison between the campus and designer and/or contractor. No negotiations of changes to the contract, work day or any other aspect of the project shall be discussed with the designer and/or contractor by campus staff or personnel.

14. Upon completion of design and/or construction, Facilities Operations will do a final inspection with the requestor and dean, director or department head to ensure that the designer and/or contractor have fulfilled their scope of work.

15. Facilities Operations will approve all payments related to design professionals, materials, contractors, testing and inspecting services for the project.

By following these procedures the campus and campus staff will benefit from properly planned construction endeavors while ensuring that the project achieves its goals in an efficient manner from project request to finished construction.

For more information visit the Facilities Operations web page.


Projects – For the purpose of this policy, projects is defined as any campus modification to facilities (including but not limited to painting, carpet and equipment installation etc.) construction, rehabilitation, ordering of significant equipment, and conversions of existing space, and requiring use of materials and labor of any form.

Related Entities – Entities related to the campus that are formed to meet the specific needs of, or provide a direct benefit to, the campus. For Farmingdale State College, these include the Auxiary Services Corporation, Alumni Association, College Foundation, the Bookstore, Aramark Dining, the Children’s Center, and any other entity formed and approved by the Chancelor or designee.

Senior Administration - The President’s Cabinet, including Vice Presidents for Administration and Finance, Marketing & Communications, Student Affairs, Development and Engagement, Academic Affairs, and the Chief Diversity Officer.

Significant Equipment – Any equipment that requires installation, a building permit, structural work, mechanical work, electrical work, plumbing work, abatement, and/or removal of hazardous materials. Facilities Operations should be contacted to determine whether or not equipment being requested meets these criterion.

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Date of Permanent Approval: December 10, 2019