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Background Investigation Policy

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff, Students, Third-Parties

Policy Statement

Farmingdale State College (hereinafter referred to as “the College”) is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its faculty staff, students, volunteers and the general public that use our facilities. The College is also committed to ensuring that individuals appointed as faculty, professional and classified staff meet the standards of excellence required for their position and demonstrate history of lawful and responsible conduct. The College will perform pre-employment background checks on all candidates offered full time employment.


  1. A confidential request for a background investigation will be sent to the investigative reporting agency via electronic means for the final candidate selected for a position.
  2. The investigative reporting agency will obtain a fully completed Fair Credit Reporting Act “FCRA” consent form from all external candidates being considered for potential employment.
  3. The person obtaining the signed consent must then advise the candidate that a background investigation will be conducted after a conditional offer of employment has been accepted.
  4. A check of the candidate’s driving record (“DMV check”) will be conducted, if the job for which the candidate is being considered may involve driving on behalf of the College or operating a college-owned/leased vehicle.
  5. A Social Security Number check will be conducted on all candidates.
  6. A criminal (felony/misdemeanor) background check will be conducted on each candidate for current county/state of residence, as well as all prior counties/states of residence, where such records are reasonably available through established means of search, subject to any applicable legal limitations.
  7. A credential and education verification will be conducted on candidates applying for positions requiring specific certifications and/or degrees.
  8. All job-relevant adverse findings obtained pursuant to a background investigation will be reviewed by the Director or Associate Director of Human Resources, in consultation with the relevant administrators. A decision will then be made as to whether such findings constitute grounds for either rescinding or failing to extend an employment offer.
  9. If a candidate is not hired as a result of such adverse findings, she/he will be so advised by telephone and Certified Mail marked “Confidential”. Additionally, the candidate will receive copies of all pre- and post- adverse employment action notices required by state and/or federal law, by Certified Mail.
  10. Background investigation data supplied shall be kept in a designated secured file in Human Resources and separate from employment applications, resumes and Personnel files.
  11. In lieu of this policy, individuals appointed to University Police Officer positions will be governed by the policies and procedures of SUNY and the Division of Criminal Justice Services regarding the appointment of police officers

Responsible Office

Human Resources

Policy History

Effective Date: March 17, 2014