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Use of Solar Carport

Policy Purpose

The Farmingdale State College Solar Carport project (FSC Solar Carport) is part of the Smart Energy Corridor Project. This Project is sponsored by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), Farmingdale State College and Stony Brook University which is supported by a grant from the Department of Energy, the SUNY Research Foundation and LIPA. The purpose of this policy is to establish rules and procedures for the use of the FSC Solar Carport and Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff, Students, Third-Parties

Policy Statement

The FSC Solar Carport, which is located in parking lot 5, has ten electric vehicle charging stations (GE Durastations). Each of the EV Charging Stations can provide power to two parked vehicles simultaneously (PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Vehicle)/EV). The GE Durastation software system enables access to the charging stations through RFID (radio frequency identification cards Authorized individuals are provided access to the charging stations.


Regulations and Policies Regarding EV Parking Spaces and Use of EV Chargers

  • Due to the unique nature of the EV parking area, a custom sign has been installed at the Solar Carport location to clearly and concisely convey the purpose and requirements associated with the EV spaces. This sign includes basic information about the EV parking area, including “Electric Vehicle Parking Only While Charging”, “Special Permit Required” and “Parking Limited to 4 Hours”. In addition, the EV parking area falls under the standard FSC Parking Regulations and Policies. A security camera has been installed at the Solar Carport location.
  • Vehicles parked in an EV charging area must display a valid FSC EV parking pass on the dashboard, which must be obtained in person from University Police. The FSC EV parking pass is in addition to the standard FSC parking permit that is required on all parked vehicles.
  • Daily parking will be limited to 4 hours. This time limit assists in creating turnover for the spaces in order to maximize their availability and use by EV vehicle owners. Overnight parking is not permitted.
  • Use of the EV chargers requires a RFID card that can be obtained from the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center upon completion of an application at University Police. Upon approval notification will be provided to the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center. The Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center will contact the approved user for issuance of the appropriate material to use the charging stations. A refundable deposit of $25.00 will be required to obtain the RFID card. At the time the RFID card is issued, the user will receive instructions for operating the charging station. When the RFID card is waived in front of the RFID card reader on the charging station, it will allow the car to charge.
  • FSC will reevaluate its EV charger parking policies periodically in order to determine if revisions to the fee structure are necessary.
  • Parking for vehicles that cannot be properly coupled to the EV charger plug and charged is strictly prohibited (for example, gas powered vehicles). • Users of EV chargers shall follow all instructions to ensure the safe and proper use of chargers, including proper storage of the charging cord and plug after use.
  • Failure to adhere to the FSC Parking Regulations and the EV charger parking area requirements may result in issuance of a citation and/or towing of the vehicle.
  • The RFID card will be de-activated on a yearly basis for student users. o Students may renew their permit at the University Police Office by completing the application. The Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center will be notified to renew the RFID card. o If students wish to dis-continue use of the charging stations, please return the RFID card to the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center. Upon receipt of the RFID card a refund of the deposit will be processed. (*You only have 30 days from the end of the summer session to receive the deposit back, otherwise deposit will be lost.)
  • The RFID card for faculty and staff will remain active as long as they are still employed at Farmingdale State College and a valid parking permit for the Solar Charging Stations. Permits are valid for one academic year (September - August)
  • An individual who has lost an RFID card will need to report with University Police. A replacement will require an additional deposit of $25.00 for the new RFID card.

Responsible Office

Renewable Energy and Sustainability Center

Policy History

Revised August 2018