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Policy on Student Rights Assembly Procedures

Policy Purpose

Farmingdale State College (the “College”) seeks to encourage and preserve freedom of expression and inquiry within the entire college community. The College, as a public institution, serves uniquely as a marketplace for the exchange of ideas and opinions and as a forum for the public expression of views. Some of the expressions may be counter to commonly held or popular values, theories, and beliefs. Farmingdale State College has a special obligation to protect the First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly. These rights are guaranteed by the United States and New York Constitutions.

Persons Affected


Policy Statement

This policy is applicable to all Farmingdale State College students as defined in the College’s Student Code of Conduct. The College’s “Use of Facilities by Third Parties for Free Speech” Policy applies to all third parties, who are not sponsored by the College and/or a recognized student group, who want to use the College’s designated public forum for free speech purposes.


Farmingdale State College respects and supports students’ efforts to exercise their rights to free speech and assembly. The Division of Student Affairs has designated the Office of Student Activities to provide the appropriate support for the successful implementation of these events. Following College procedure will ensure a safe and effective assembly activity. Every effort will be made by the College to respond affirmatively to all requests to engage in assembly activity. However, consideration must be given to the time, place, and manner of the assembly activity to ensure the health and safety of the participants and the non-interference with authorized College business, activities, or events.

1. Services - To help ensure the safety of participants and the protection of the rights of all members of the campus community, the College can provide services such as location, safety, crowd control, sound equipment (unless prohibited in certain areas as per College rules), site preparation/cleanup, and/or other such facilities or services it deems necessary (“Services”).
a. Request for Services - Assemblies for which Services are necessary should submit a request for Services to the Student Activities Office via RamCentral, as follows:

  1. At least three (3) business days prior to the planned event a request should be submitted by completing the following:
    1. Log in to RamCentral
    2. Go to the student organization’s portal
    3. Click on “Events” at the top
    4. Click “Create an Event” on the right and fill in the details
    The request should contain the name of the sponsor/organizer, the proposed location and any other Services sought, the date and time of the planned assembly, and the number of persons expected to participate.

  2. Due to limited space at the College, when it is anticipated that participants for a particular assembly will equal or exceed ten (10) students, the sponsor/organizer must submit a request for Services.

  3. A professional staff member from the Office of Student Activities will promptly respond to the request for Services after receipt of the request and prior to the date of the assembly.

  4. A professional staff member will review the request and work with the sponsor/organizer to accommodate requests and determine a reasonable time, place, and manner for the assembly activity.

  5. While every attempt will be made to accommodate all requests, some modifications to the assembly activity request may be required due to the availability of the proposed time and place of the activity. An Office of Student Activities professional staff member will inform the sponsor/organizer of these modifications and guide the sponsor/organizer as they plan their assembly activity.

  6. In the event that the proposed assembly activity is planned in direct response to a current event, the Office of Student Activities realizes that it may not be possible to submit a request in advance. In such cases, the sponsor/organizer should connect as soon as possible with a liaison in the Office of Student Activities in order to swiftly coordinate the assembly activity.
No Services Required - Assemblies requiring no Services (when it is anticipated that participants will not exceed ten (10) students) may take place without any prior notification by the sponsor/organizer. However, conformity with the specific campus rules noted above, is required. If a sponsor/organizer is unsure of whether their assembly requires Services, they should contact the Office of Student Activities at
934-420-2103 or studentactivities@farmingdale.edu for guidance.


Public Area: Space designated by the College as open and not requiring a reservation for use.*

Assembly: A group of students gathering together in a public area for a common purpose. This includes, but is not limited to, activities such as protests, demonstrations, rallies, vigils, and picketing.

* At the College, public areas are limited. These areas are often reserved for particular events and activities, but are otherwise open for general use by students. For information or questions about public areas, please contact Student Activities.

Responsible Office

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Policy History

Effective date: April 18, 2018