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Extra Service Processing Procedure

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff

Policy Statement

The State University of new York Board of Trustees has established an Extra Service Policy, which is applicable to performance of service beyond that normally required by the professional obligation as defined by the individual’s performance program. That policy can be found at:

Extra Service should only be used for an employee when the work to be performed by the employee is:

  1. Performed entirely outside an employee’s normal work day/shift, and
  2. Substantially different from an individual’s professional work obligation as defined by the employee’s performance program, and
  3. Must not interfere with the employee’s regular responsibilities and
  4. Must not be performed during a period of time being charged to leave accruals and
  5. Must not be performed during the employee’s scheduled lunch break.
SUNY Policy states that compensation for Extra Service is not to exceed an amount equal to twenty (20) percent of an employee’s base annual salary in a fiscal (calendar) year beginning July 1 or academic year beginning September 1, as appropriate.

The procedure outlined below must be followed in its entirety in order for employees to be paid for extra service performed.


All requests for Extra Service (ES) compensation must include the following documentation:

  • Letter of Justification for Extra Service
  • UP-8 Form - Request for Approval of Extra Service for SUNY Professional Service Unit Employees UUP (Negotiating Unit 08) or
  • UP-6 Form – Request for Approval of Extra Service for Management Confidential Employees MC (Negotiating Unit 13)
  • Extra Service Appointment Form
These forms can be downloaded from the Farmingdale State College website at:


Requests for extra service compensation should be initiated by the requesting department at least four (4) weeks prior to the performance of Extra Service. However, it is recognized that it is not always possible to submit the Extra Service request within the four week timeframe. In emergent situations, where an employee is required to begin an Extra Service assignment sooner, the department should speak to Human Resources to expedite the approval process.

Letter of Justification

A standardized Letter of Justification has been created for your convenience and may be downloaded from the above referenced website. The letter of justification should include the following information:
  • A brief description of the current duties performed by the employee to fulfill their state paid professional obligation, including identification of their regular work schedule (days and hours worked) and if applicable the current teaching obligation (course # and title, scheduled contact hours/week and credits)
  • A brief description of the duties to be performed as part of the proposed ES assignment, including identification of the Extra Service work schedule (days and hours to be worked). The description must clearly show that the Extra Service assignment is separate and distinct from the work performed as part of the employee’s normal professional obligation.
  • The department head/supervisor requesting the ES assignment (not the employee performing the ES assignment) must initiate and sign (at the top) the letter of justification.
  • The letter of justification must be endorsed (at the bottom) by the employee’s immediate supervisor (not the employee performing the ES assignment).

Responsible Office

Human Resources

Policy History

Effective Date: September 15, 2018