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Fraud and Irregularities Policy

Policy Purpose

This policy serves to formally adopt State University of New York policies 9001 “Procedure on Reporting and Reviewing Fraud and Irregularities” and 9002, "Policy on Fraud and Irregularities.”

This policy also outlines campus procedures for reporting suspected or detected fraud or irregularities.

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff, Students, Third-Parties

Policy Statement

Farmingdale State College (FSC) is committed to upholding the highest standard of honest behavior, ethical conduct, and fiduciary responsibility. As such, FSC works to prevent and detect any fraud or irregularities and will diligently pursue any instance that involves FSC-related activities or business.

All members of the FSC community must:

  • Comply with all SUNY policies and procedures, New York State and federal laws, and any applicable regulations pertaining to their job function;
  • Practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling their responsibilities;
  • Observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities;
  • Help ensure the prevention and detection of fraud and irregularities;
  • Be familiar with the types of fraud and irregularities that might occur in their area;
  • Be alert for any indication that fraud or irregularities might exist in their area; and
  • Promptly report any known or suspected fraud or irregularities involving SUNY or affiliated entity funds, resources, property, or employees.

All members of the FSC community are expected to promptly report any known or suspected fraud and irregularities. Fraud and irregularities may include activities that are (1) a misappropriation of assets; (2) in violation of or non-compliant with any SUNY, New York State, or federal law, regulation, policy or procedure; (3) economically wasteful; (4) an indication of gross misconduct or incompetency; or (5) an unethical, improper, or dishonest act.

Examples of improper acts include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Theft of any State or SUNY asset including, but not limited to, money, tangible property, trade secrets, or intellectual property;
  • Misappropriation, misapplication, destruction, removal, or concealment of State or SUNY property;
  • Unauthorized use of College systems and technology in violation of Information Technology policies, found on the College’s policy web site;
  • Unauthorized disclosure of confidential or proprietary information;
  • Unauthorized disclosure of student educational records, personal information, or medical information;
  • Authorizing or receiving compensation for hours not worked or covered by appropriate and available leave;
  • Fraudulent or otherwise deceptive financial reporting;
  • Credit card and travel expense fraud;
  • Use of staff to perform personal errands, services or tasks;
  • Alteration or falsification of documents;
  • False claims by students, employees, vendors, or others associated with SUNY; and
  • Bribery, kickbacks, bid rigging, and failure to disclose conflicts of interest.

Employees and individuals who lawfully report suspected fraud, waste, or abuse shall not suffer discharge, demotion, suspension, threats, harassment, discrimination, or other forms of retaliation for making such reports in good faith. Intentional use of this policy or associated procedures to make false allegations may result in disciplinary action.


  1. Any suspected or detected fraud and/or irregularities should be discussed directly with a supervisor, who should report it to the Risk and Compliance Office.
  2. The employee should report the activity directly to the Risk and Compliance Office if they suspect the supervisor may be involved in the fraud or irregularity, do not feel comfortable going to the supervisor, or are not satisfied with the supervisor’s response:
  3. The concern can also be reported to the Risk and Compliance Office anonymously through the Fraud Hotline (934-420-2083), a Fraud Online Reporting Form, or by writing to:

    Farmingdale State College
    Risk and Compliance Manager
    Horton Hall 168
    2350 Broadhollow Rd
    Farmingdale, NY 11735

  4. The report should contain as much information as possible to support the allegation and facilitate the investigation;
    1. The report through the Fraud Hotline can be done anonymously, however, you may want to include your name and contact information in the event questions arise;
    2. Due to confidentiality concerns, it may not be possible to inform users of the process or outcome of any investigation or action taken;
    3. When requested, all information will be considered confidential to the extent permitted by law;
    4. Below is a list of circumstances that fall outside of the scope of this policy. The issues below should be brought to the attention of the appropriate department on campus.
      1. academic dishonesty
      2. research compliance issues
      3. privacy concerns
      4. discrimination
      5. sexual harassment
      6. conduct resulting in safety or environmental hazards
      7. individual employee grievances and complaints concerning terms and conditions of employment
      8. academic grievances
      9. complaints related to construction projects administered by the State University Construction Fund (SUCF) or the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY)

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Effective Date: 3/23/2022