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Refund Policy

Persons Affected


Policy Statement

In order to be eligible to receive a reduction of tuition and fee liability for the semester, students must follow the official drop or withdrawal deadlines. Failure to submit payment, stopping payment on a check, or not attending class(es) does not absolve students of their financial obligation. The College will not be cancelling the schedules of students whose bill is in an unpaid status by the payment deadline.

Financial liability to the College will be determined by the refund schedule applicable at the time the drop or withdrawal process takes place. If a course(s) is dropped during the 100% refund period, then no tuition and fee liability will be incurred. After the drop period, if a student wishes to withdraw from a course(s), the schedule below can be used to determine the reduction of tuition and fee liability that is due. Please note that after the 100% refund period, the College Fee, Transcript Fee and Special Course/Curriculum Fees are no longer refundable.

PLEASE NOTE: The last date to process a withdrawal may fall on a Saturday or Sunday. If the drop period falls on a Saturday or Sunday, or you wish to process a schedule change outside of office hours, you will only be able to drop a course online. Financial Holds on your account will prevent you from dropping your course online. Students with a Financial Hold on their account can only process schedule changes in person at the Registrar’s Office during normal business hours.

Procedures for withdrawal from classes and the deadlines for adding or dropping/withdrawing classes can be found in the College Catalog at www.farmingdale.edu/registrar/catalog.shtml, or by calling the Registrar’s Office (934) 420-2776.

Responsible Office

Registrar's Office