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Internal Promotion Policy

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff

Policy Statement

Farmingdale State College is committed to its equal opportunity and affirmative action policies thereby always seeking to create opportunities through appointments. Under its equal employment opportunity and affirmative action commitment, and under its responsibilities to its employees and to the State of New York, Farmingdale State College recognizes the need for an internal career development program for its employees and the need to provide an equal opportunity for all persons to seek advancement in their careers.

As a means of balancing these competing needs, Farmingdale State College will give initial consideration in promotion for all its permanent employees to vacancies in the Professional Service Negotiating Unit at the SL3, 4 and 5 levels, with exceptions noted herein.

The promotional opportunities provided by this plan will be consistent with availability of position, employee development, qualification, and job performance. This promotional opportunity plan also supports the affirmative action requirements for Farmingdale State College.

Employee Eligibility
Employees of Farmingdale State College with at least one (1) year of service on the basis of a term or permanent appointment (as defined by the Policies and/or Civil Service Law) are eligible to apply for promotion opportunities under this plan. Employees serving on a temporary or part-time appointment are not eligible for consideration under this internal promotion procedure.


Farmingdale State College has established the following procedure providing initial consideration to employees for promotional opportunities. The procedure is applicable to vacancies at the SL-3, 4, and 5 levels. At the discretion of the appointing authority, management/confidential positions may also be filled under this procedure.

When the requirements contained in Article 33 of the Agreement have been met and a professional vacancy has not been filled by a retrenched employee and the position has been cleared by the Human Resources Office, the existing vacancy will be announced to campus employees, inviting their applications for consideration in filling the vacancy. The announcement will provide ten (10) workdays for receipt of applications from campus employees.

An eligible employee wishing to be considered for an announced vacancy must file an online application, including all requirements, through the Farmingdale State College website within the first ten days of the vacancy announcement. Late internal applications or those from employees not eligible will be treated as regular applicants and responded to according to the usual process.

All eligible Farmingdale State College employees who apply for a vacancy under this program and within the ten-workdays period will be given initial consideration before the vacant position is posted for off-campus recruitment. The initial recommending official will consider each application and notify the Human Resources Office as to his/her findings as noted below:

  • Find the applicant(s) highly qualified for appointment and recommend appointment(s).
  • Find the applicant(s) qualified to be considered for appointment and request off-campus recruitment. Employee(s) will again be considered along with off-campus applicants(s).
  • Find the applicant(s) unqualified for appointment and request off-campus recruitment to fill the vacancy.
Upon notice by the initial recommending official that no campus employee has applied or has been selected, the Human Resources Office will release the position for off-campus recruitment as required by existing employment procedures.

Responsible Office

Human Resources