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Alternate Work Location Policy

Policy Purpose

This policy serves as a guide to the occasional need for Management Confidential employees to work from an alternate work location.

Persons Affected

Faculty, Staff

Policy Statement

An alternate work location assignment is defined as a working arrangement of a specified limited duration in which an employee will perform work from an alternate site which must be identified. The area Vice President, or President, will review requests for alternate work location assignments on a case-by-case basis and consistent with operational needs.

It is the expectation of Farmingdale State College that all employees must be present on campus during the general hours the offices are open to serve clients. It is recognized that on occasion it may be appropriate for an employee to work from an alternate work location. In making the decision to assign an employee to an alternate site the following must be considered:

  • The outcomes of work performed can be quantified, monitored, and easily measured.
  • The area Vice President, or President, confirms that the nature of the work and the ability to perform such work is suitable to an alternate work assignment location.
  • The assignments to be completed in the alternate work location are consistent with the employee’s performance program.
  • The assignments and alternate work location clearly meet the operational needs of the College.
  • It is the responsibility of the employee’s immediate supervisor to ensure that specific, measurable work goals with distinct deliverable products are a result of the work performed at the alternate work location.


An employee requesting to work from an alternate location must first get permission from their area Vice President. In the event the area Vice President is requesting permission to work from an alternate location, the President must grant approval. The Area Vice President, or President, must document the days work is performed from an alternate site to ensure compliance with time and attendance reporting requirements.

Responsible Office

Human Resources

Policy History

Effective Date: September 3, 2013