Poster Printing Services


The Greenley Library offers poster printing services for Farmingdale students, faculty, and staff. Large format printing is available for academic-related posters only.

Turnaround time

Posters should be submitted ONE WEEK before they are needed.  We cannot guarantee print requests can be filled with shorter notice.

Poster submissions

  • Posters must be submitted as a PDF sized to the desired poster size, e.g. 24” x 36”
  • Poster files that do not match the size noted on the request form will not be accepted
  • Include your last name in the poster file name


Student Price

Faculty/Staff Price

24" x 36"

36" x 42"

36" x 48"








Other sizes: By request


You will be emailed an invoice for payment once your poster is printed.

Online payment:

  • P-Card, Credit, Debit
  • Display your printed receipt at the Circulation Desk to show proof of payment upon pickup

In-person payment:

  • Cash, Check
  • Pay for your poster at the Circulation Desk upon pickup

Submit a Poster Request

Poster Request Form


Farmingdale-branded academic poster templates created by the Office for Marketing & Communications are available below. The templates are PowerPoint files which may be edited and saved as a PDF.

24" x 36" Templates 

Landscape Orientation Portrait Orientation

36" x 42" Templates

Landscape Orientation Portrait Orientation

36" x 48" Templates

Landscape Orientation Portrait Orientation

48" x 36" Trifold Poster Board Templates:

Creating your own poster design

Blank PowerPoint files are available below:

24" x 36"                               36" x 42"                               36" x 48"                              


Follow the below steps to manually change the slide size in PowerPoint:
Navigate to:

  • Design menu
  • Slide Size
  • Custom Slide Size
  • Change width and height to desired poster dimensions

Posters must be created as ONE slide. A PowerPoint slideshow with multiple slides will not be printed.



Poster Content

Goals of a research poster

  • Summarize research in an engaging visual format 
  • Highlight the main points and most significant findings of the research
  • Generate audience interest to engage in a discussion

Poster design

  • Group together related information and organize into sections
  • Content should be displayed from top left to bottom right
  • Use images to convey information
  • Limit words, be concise
  • Utilize white space between sections for an uncluttered design
  • Maintain contrast between background and text colors

Farmingdale colors and logos

Find official FSC logos and colors from the Office for Marketing & Communications 

Font size estimates

Title: 85-120 pt.
Authors: ~56 pt.
Sub-headings: 36-72 pt.
Body text: 24-48 pt.
Captions: ~18 pt.

Font size legibility by distance

72 pt. font - legible 14 feet from poster
60 pt. font - legible 12 feet from poster
48 pt. font - legible 10 feet from poster
30 pt. font - legible 6 feet from poster

Additional sources for color selection



  • Recommended resolution for posters: 150-300 DPI (Dots Per Inch)
  • Enlarging images in PowerPoint will lessen their quality
  • Zoom to 100% in PowerPoint to check image quality and signs of pixilation
  • Images will print how they appear in a 100% zoom view in PowerPoint



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