Government Documents

Federal government information is available for free public use. The Library has been a designated federal depository since 1917. The depository selects approximately 6% if the items published by the Federal Government. The majority of these items are only available through the internet.

Federal Register (online only)

Election Information

Coronavirus Pandemic: Reliable Government Information Resources

GovInfo on coronavirus

GovInfo U.S. Government Publishing Office

Government Websites -  Comprehensive list of government websites for access to publicly available information

U.S. Government information in the News (Penn State University Libraries)

Visitor Information - Fall 2021
If you need access to Government Documents, please see the Reference librarian at the desk. For online resources, please see the web page for Government websites below.

Visit our Government websites page to access our most frequently used government Internet resources.

We also receive about 50 items in print. Most of this material is cataloged and placed in the library's book collection. It can be accessed by using our online public catalog.

A few ephemeral items are kept in the Reserve Office. These items are kept for five years. After which they are disposed of according to FDLP regulations. 

Below is a list of this material:

  • Library of Congress Magazine
  • Posters Commerce Department
  • Posters Interior Department
  • Posters Smithsonian Institution
  • NASA Magazine
  • U.S. Constitution (pamphlet)
  • U.S. Government Depository Libraries Directory
  • Reproducible Federal Tax Forms for Use in Libraries
  • Hubble Science Year in Review
  • Regulations, Rules, Instructions Government Printing Office  

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