Registration Information

CLASSROOM SCHEDULE INFORMATION: Check your classroom schedule ONLINE BEFORE the first Day of Classes and through the first two weeks as your classroom location could change. Hard copies WILL NOT be mailed.


Online Registration available to CONTINUING and NEWLY ACCEPTED Students:

  • CONTINUING STUDENTS AND NEWLY ACCEPTED STUDENTS can register through OASIS here Online Student Information System. Newly Accepted students should submit proof of immunization to the Health & Wellness Center as soon as possible but No Later Than July 1st. To access OASIS a Student log-in Pin and ID number is required.  Your PIN and ID will be mailed to your home. If you do not receive your Pin or forget what you changed it to, please call 631-420-2776 or come in person to have your Log-in Pin reset during business hours (Mon-Fri 9am-4:45pm).

  • Your Farmingdale Email Account
  • Academic Advisement (AAIC) -- Please click here for information regarding academic advisement.  Depending on your program, you may opt to meet with an advisor in the AAIC.     


The Admissions Office is no longer accepting new non-matriculated applications for Spring 2016.   The last day you could have created a new schedule for Spring 2016 was Thursday, January 21st.  If you did not register for any classes by the close of business on Thursday, January 21st you are not permitted to register for the Spring term.  As of January 22nd and through January 28th,  we are only permitting drop/add schedule changes to existing schedules.  NO NEW SCHEDULES CAN BE CREATED PAST THURSDAY, JANUARY 21ST.


The Registrar's Office is accepting online non matriculated student registrations for ONLY Summer  2016 sessions  at this time.

 Non-matriculated Student Summer 2016 Registration Form


Non matriculated students who wish to drop any/all of their summer courses may do so by clicking the link below:

 Non-matriculated Student Summer 2016 Drop Form


 **The college will NOT drop you for non-payment.  If you request registration for a course and you are successfully registered, it is your responsibility to drop or withdraw from the course if you no longer wish to take it **


If you should have any questions regarding this process please contact the Registrar's Office at (631) 420-2776 or email us at REGOFFICE@FARMINGDALE.EDU.