Appeal to Extenuating Circumstance Committee

The procedure for requesting an exception outside of the College's Tuition Refund Policy is available to students when severe circumstances arise that prevented a student from attending classes for the remainder of a semester or resulted in non-attendance of classes in which you were enrolled.

Criteria for Appeals

  • Severe medical issues or serious injury directly involving yourself or immediate family member
  • Academic Course Error
  • Student's Military Activation
  • Other: Severe/Unforeseen circumstance

General Instructions

  1. You must officially withdraw from course(s) that you are appealing. The College cannot process your appeal if you remain enrolled in a course(s).
  2. To apply for retroactive withdrawals for a previous semester, you must first submit an appeal to the Retroactive Withdrawal Committee (c/o Admissions & Academic Standards Committee) at or addressed to Retroactive Withdrawal Committee, Attn: Dr. Shannon Fanning, Knapp Hall, Room 235, Farmingdale State College, 2350 Broadhollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735-1021. Appeals are reviewed during the Fall and Spring semesters. DEADLINE: Your application must be made within one year of the term in question. Appeals submitted during the Summer semesters are reviewed in the Fall semester. 
  3. Complete the refund request form: refund request form must be completed in its entirety.
  4. Attach supporting documentation and typed detailed statement.
    1. Typed detailed statement why you were unable to complete semester. Submitted by you (the student); (not a third party, unless legally assigned).
    2. Supporting documentation should include extenuating circumstance which occurred during the semester that prevented you from attending classes for the remainder of a semester or from attending classes in which you were enrolled, the severity and length of circumstance(s) and must be in official document format.
  5. Request must be addressed to: Farmingdale State College, Extenuating Circumstances Committee,
    Dean of Students, Laffin Hall Room 314, 2350 Broadhollow Road, Farmingdale, NY 11735-1021

General Guidelines

  1. A request for tuition credit must be submitted no later than one year after the end of term in question. For example, a student requesting a tuition credit for the Spring semester must submit their request before the end of the following Spring semester. Appeals received after the deadline will not be honored.
  2. Drop/Add refund dates are widely publicized. Therefore, appeals based on lack of awareness of the dates will not be accepted.
  3. Non-attendance does not cancel a student's financial liability. An extenuating circumstance explaining non-attendance must be submitted; if appeal is approved an administrative cancelled registration fee will be assessed.
  4. The Committee will communicate its decision in writing. The Committee's decisions are final. The Committee does not, under any circumstances, take phone calls or schedule appointments. Allow six to eight weeks.
  5. If your appeal is approved, you will receive a pro-rated refund of tuition based on the withdrawal date or last date of attendance.
  6. Appeals will not be reviewed without the completed request form, supporting documents and student's typed statement. The appeal is denied if documents are not included.

Appeals form for Extenuating Circumstances (.pdf)

Last Modified 3/12/24