Registrar Forms

Change of Student Information- The Change of Student Information form is used to update a student's biographical information.  Use this form to update or correct your address, date of birth, gender, last name and/or social security number.  You can submit this form via fax (631-420-2275), email (, in person or by mail.  When submitting the form, you must provide original or certified copies of documentation for the change you are requesting.  Please refer to the form for acceptable forms of documentation.  If you are changing your name, date of birth, social security number or gender via mail, fax or email, certified or notarized copies of the documentation are required.

Diploma Reorder Form- The Diploma Reorder form is used when student's wish to request a previously issued diploma. There is a $25.00 charge.  You can submit this form in person or by mail.

Selection of Concentration Form-  The Selection of Concentration Form is required for the following majors, Aviation Administration, Applied Mathematics, Computer Programming & Info Systems, Security Systems and Urban Horticulture & Design.  Please use this form to select your concentration.