Final Exams

Final examinations must be taken during the assigned hours listed in the published exam schedule.
Instructors with any issues should contact the Registrar's Office no later than May 1st for Spring exams and December 1st for Fall exams.
For online classes, the instructor will announce the exam time; should the announced time conflict with another scheduled on campus exam, the online instructor must make the accommodation.
When conflicts with scheduled exams arise (for example, a student is registered for two courses assigned to the same exam day/time slot), it is the instructors responsibility to meet with the affected student and come up with an alternate time for when the exam can be administered to that individual student.  If the student is available and the instructor is not, a proctor may be assigned to administer the exam with the approval of the Chairperson or Dean.
Any major conflicts within the exam schedule must be brought to the attention of the Registrar's Office by no later than the established deadlines listed above.  We will do our best to resolve any major conflicts.  A resolution may not be reached for all scenarios.  In those cases, we would again ask the instructor to accommodate the affected students.
REMINDER:  All grades must be submitted 72 hours following the final exam.
Current Class Meeting Days Current Class Meeting Times Exam Day Exam Date Exam Time
Monday/Wednesday 8:00am-9:15am M May 16th 7:30am-10:10am
Monday/Wednesday 9:25am-10:40am W May 11th 8:00am-10:40am
Monday ONLY 9:25am-12:05pm M May 16th 10:20am-1:00pm
Wednesday ONLY 9:25am-12:05pm W May 11th 8:00am-10:40am
Monday/Wednesday 10:50am-12:05pm M May 16th 10:20am-1:00pm
Monday/Wednesday 12:15pm-1:30pm W May 11th 10:50am-1:30pm
Monday ONLY 12:15PM-2:55PM M May 16th 1:10pm-3:50pm
Wednesday ONLY 12:15PM-2:55PM W May 11th 10:50am-1:30pm
Monday/Wednesday 1:40pm-2:55pm M May 16th 1:10pm-3:50pm
Monday ONLY 1:40pm-4:20pm M May 16th 1:10pm-3:50pm
Wednesday ONLY 1:40pm-4:20pm W May 11th 1:40pm-4:20pm
Monday/Wednesday 3:05pm-4:20pm W May 11th 1:40pm-4:20pm
Monday ONLY 3:05pm-5:45pm M May 16th 4:00pm-6:40pm
Wednesday ONLY 3:05pm-5:45pm W May 11th 1:40pm-4:20pm
Monday/Wednesday 4:30pm-5:45pm W May 11th 4:30pm-7:10pm
Monday ONLY 4:30pm-7:10pm M May 16th 4:00pm-6:40pm
Wednesday ONLY 4:30pm-7:10pm W May 11th 4:30pm-7:10pm
Monday/Wednesday 5:55pm-7:10pm M May 16th 6:50pm-9:30pm
Monday ONLY 5:55pm-8:35pm M May 16th 6:50pm-9:30pm
Wednesday ONLY 5:55pm-8:35pm W May 11th 7:20pm-10:00pm
Monday/Wednesday 7:20pm-8:35pm W May 11th 7:20pm-10:00pm
Monday ONLY 7:20pm-10:00pm F May 13th 7:20pm-10:00pm
Wednesday ONLY 7:20pm-10:00pm W May 11th 7:20pm-10:00pm
Tuesday/Thursday 8:00am-9:15am R May 12th 7:30am-10:10am
Tuesday/Thursday 9:25am-10:40am T May 17th 8:00am-10:40am
Tuesday ONLY 9:25am-12:05pm T May 17th 8:00am-10:40am
PHYSICS COMMUNITY EXAM R May 12th 10:20am-1:00pm
Tuesday/Thursday 12:15pm-1:30pm T May 17th 10:50am-1:30pm
Tuesday ONLY 12:15PM-2:55PM T May 17th 10:50am-1:30pm
Thursday ONLY 12:15PM-2:55PM R May 12th 1:10pm-3:50pm
Tuesday/Thursday 1:40pm-2:55pm R May 12th 1:10pm-3:50pm
Tuesday ONLY 1:40pm-4:20pm R May 12th 1:10pm-3:50pm
Thursday ONLY 1:40pm-4:20pm R May 12th 1:10pm-3:50pm
Tuesday/Thursday 3:05pm-4:20pm T May 17th 1:40pm-4:20pm
Tuesday ONLY 3:05pm-5:45pm T May 17th 1:40pm-4:20pm
Tuesday/Thursday 4:30pm-5:45pm T May 17th 4:30pm-7:10pm
Tuesday ONLY 4:30pm-7:10pm T May 17th 4:30pm-7:10pm
Thursday ONLY 4:30pm-7:10pm R May 12th 4:00pm-6:40pm
Tuesday/Thursday 5:55pm-7:10pm T May 17th 7:20pm-10:00pm
Tuesday ONLY 5:55pm-8:35pm T May 17th 7:20pm-10:00pm
Thursday ONLY 5:55pm-8:35pm R May 12th 6:50pm-9:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday 7:20pm-8:35pm R May 12th 6:50pm-9:30pm
Tuesday/Thursday 8:45pm-10:00pm T May 17th 7:20pm-10:00pm



You are to meet in your regularly scheduled classroom (with the exception of the Physics Community Exam) unless other accommodations are made with the Registrar's Office.


Friday ONLY Exams will meet Friday, May 13th during the classes regularly scheduled time in its regularly scheduled room.


Saturday ONLY Exams will meet Saturday, May 14th during the classes regularly scheduled time in its regularly scheduled room.


For Classes that meet three times a week,please use the exam time based on the two day a week assignment.  For example, a class that meets M/W/F at 8am will follow the M/W 8am exam schedule.


The Physics Community Exam will be held on Thursday, May 12th.  Please speak with your Physics instructor to finalize and confirm the exam room assignment


Combination theory (T) and lab (L) courses: Follow the chart above based on your THEORY class meeting times.  For example if BIO 170T meets on M/W but your BIO 170L meets on T, your exam will be based on your theory class time of M/W.