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Academic Advisement & Information Center

Until further notice, AAIC appointments will be done remotely by the AAIC Advisors. Please schedule your appointment using the link below, but first check the Advisement Tool, based on your major and your number of credits, to be sure that you are advised by the AAIC.

Academic Advisement is essential for your success at Farmingdale. We want you to take full advantage of the wide range of courses and academic programs - as well as the support services - available at the College. We also want you to stay on track and graduate on time. So, before you select and register for courses, contact and meet with your assigned academic adviser.

Important Dates

Spring 2021:
  • Last Days for Registration Activities: January 27 (Wednesday) & January 28 (Thursday)
  • Last Day for Schedule Changes: February 4 (Thursday)

Fall 2020 Tutoring Schedule
Fall 2020 Final Exam Schedule

Schedule an Appointment to Speak with an Academic Advisor

Use this Advisement Tool to ensure that the AAIC ​advises you, based upon your major and number of credits.

Before booking an appointment:

  • Check Your Major: To see whether or not you can be advised by the AAIC (and if not, who you should schedule an appointment with), use this Advisement Tool. If you schedule an appointment and we do not advise your major, your appointment will be cancelled. NOTE: 'Incoming student' means a student who has not taken any courses yet at FSC; Continuing students are currently in a degree program at FSC.
  • Transfer Students: Check the Incoming Student box below for details about needing your transfer credits in first.
  • Non-matriculated students: Check the Non-Matriculated Student box below for details.

Here is important information you can access directly without needing an appointment:

  • To review your schedule: Use the FSC home page to log in to "myFSC" using your FSC email and on the left-side pane you will see the link for OASIS. Once in OASIS, click Registration/Schedule week by week - if you do not see the schedule, click "next week" (on the right side of the page) until you are viewing the week of class begin.
  • To review the different types of instruction and what they mean: You will find the descriptions here
  • Parking: For the Fall semester, in anticipation of fewer people being on campus, parking will not be enforced. Commuter students do not need parking stickers, and they will not be issued.
  • Financial Aid: For questions concerning financial aid, please contact the financial aid office directly at 934-420-2578.

Continuing Student Appointments

Book Your Appointment HERE

Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) Continuing Students:
- Schedule your appointment with LAS Department

Incoming Student Appointments

Incoming First-Year Students needing registration:
Book Your Appointment HERE

Incoming Transfer Students:
Please note that we cannot advise and register you for courses UNTIL:
- Your deposit has been paid to Student Accounts
- Your transcripts from previous institutions have been evaluated by Farmingdale and transfer credits have been awarded to count toward your Farmingdale degree.

Please check on OASIS to determine if your transfer credit evaluation has been completed before scheduling an appointment with us. If your transfer evaluation is not completed 10 business days after your deposit, contact the Transfer Service Office at 934-420-5446 or email tsr@farmingdale.edu.
Once completed, proceed to book your appointment HERE. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) Incoming Transfer Students: 
Schedule your appointment with LAS Department


Non-matriculated Student Appointments

Book Your Appointment HERE

Continuing non-matriculated Students
- Please select Non-matriculated Student Advisement to schedule an appointment with Navdip Hans for advisement.
NOTE: New non-matriculated students seeking advisement should meet with an Admissions Office Advisor.

The AAIC does not currently advise the following majors. You will need to speak with the specific academic department to be advised:

AAIC Events

There are no upcoming AAIC events at this time.

Academic Advisement & Information Center

Greenley Library, Lower Level


Alexander Caviedes
Director of the AAIC

Hours | Fall 2020

Monday 9:00am - 6:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am - 6:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm

The AAIC will be closed on Thursday, Nov. 26 and Friday, Nov. 27

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