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See below for access to the NEW electronic Time & Attendance system.

Classified Staff

Time and Attendance Guidelines for Classified Staff
Compensatory Time Classified Staff – CSEA & PEF
Overtime Classified Staff – CSEA & PEF

Faculty & Professional Staff

Time and Attendance Guidelines for Faculty & Professional Staff 
Compensatory and Vacation Time/Professional Staff
Dr. Nuala McGann Drescher Affirmative Action/Diversity Leave Program

University Police

Overtime Campus Police – NYSCOPBA & Council


Employees must accurately report hours worked on timesheets/time cards. Supervisors must certify that the hours worked are correct. Time sheets can be accessed on the forms page of the Human Resource website.

Our policy is to immediately and permanently terminate employees who falsify time records as this is a violation of State and federal law. The employee may be charged with forgery and petit larceny, one count for each timesheet. These are misdemeanor charges. Depending on the dollar figure attached to the misrepresentation. If the pay illegally obtained is large enough, a felony charge of grand larceny may also be made. Supervisors should keep in mind that their signature on the time record attests to their knowledge of and confirmation of hours worked.

Electronic Time & Attendance System

For those currently using this system, please see below for the link and user instructions.


User Instructions

Jury Duty

To allow employees to perform their civic duty without penalty, an employee may report for jury duty or as a witness in a court or quasi-judicial matter without charge to leave credits, provided the employee is not a party to the action.

A supervisor may request satisfactory proof that the employee's presence is required for such purposes. In addition, the employee must provide a record of jury duty attendance from the court for each individual day of attendance and attach this documentation to their time sheet.

Employees should generally be required to report for duty in their agencies at all times when their attendance for court or jury purposes is not required. However, employees who have devoted a full day to jury duty or a court appearance, and who are scheduled to work a full shift other than the regular day shift will be granted leave with pay for the scheduled shift. The supervisor may opt to reschedule the employee to the day shift for the duration of the jury duty or court assignment. The supervisor is required to reschedule shifts, wherever practicable, for employees in the Operational, Institutional, and Administrative Services Units. Under no circumstances may an employee be granted compensatory time off in lieu of ordered appearance and jury duty attendance on a pass day, a Saturday, Sunday or holiday.

Useful Links & Additional Information

Covid Information
NYS Attendance & Leave Manual
Official State Holidays
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