Farmingdale State College students sitting on the lawn.

First Year Experience

The First Year Experience is designed to assist new students in acclimating, connecting, and adjusting to the college campus and experience. Through coursework and other opportunities to be involved on campus, students will become familiar with college resources and learn strategies for academic success. Students will also be introduced to the values and ethical principles of the College and encouraged to reflect on their role/responsibilities as college students. In your first year of college, there are new things to learn, new things to experience, lots of questions, and sometimes challenges to face. Your FYE 101 professor and the First Year Experience Coordinator are here to help.

Welcome to Farmingdale and welcome to your college experience!

If you have questions about...

Student Activities
Student Activities
Get Involved at FSC
Students can participate in campus clubs, fraternities, sororities, and a variety of campus-wide events by checking RamCentralor contacting the Office of Student Activities.
Nexus Center
The Nexus Center for Career Development
Jobs, Internships, and Career Advice
The Nexus Center at Farmingdale State College is a resource that assists students in finding internships, on-campus jobs, off-campus jobs, volunteer work, and other related career opportunities. The Center also provides career assessment, guidance, and preparation services. Begin taking steps toward your future profession, today!

Academic Support
Academic Support Services
FSC Supports Our Students

Disability Services
The Disability Service Center supports students with long or short-term disabilities by providing them with counseling, support, advocacy, and appropriate educational accommodations.

Tutoring Center
The Tutoring Center offers free tutoring sessions in a wide variety of subjects, academic success workshops, and academic coaching services to students enrolled at FSC. 

Mathematics Learning Center
The Mathematics Learning Center provides free math tutoring to Farmingdale State College students enrolled in many popular math classes.

Writing Center
The Writing Center helps students become more effective in their written expression. Tutors help students plan, conceptualize, break down, and effectively edit college writing assignments. They also help students improve English language fluency skills for students whose first language is not English.

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