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Campus Mental Health Services

Managing Coronavirus Anxiety

Understandably, you or those around you may have questions and concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19).  We are here to help.  In addition, these tips can help you manage stress and anxiety that may arise in the midst of uncertainty or fears about health and personal safety.

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Campus Mental Health Services wants to take this opportunity to remind the College community that we remain open and available during this time period. Students registered for the Summer 2020 term can currently receive services on a telehealth basis; and may reach our office by telephone 934-420-2006 or email, checked throughout the day. Faculty and professional staff, please contact our office regarding any issues or concerns.

Campus Mental Health Services (CMHS) provides a wide range of professional counseling services to all students. These services are free. Accepted standards for confidentiality are followed at all times. Counseling is offered for individuals, couples, and groups. The effort is made to arrange meeting times that will fit with a student's academics schedule.

Among the areas that can be addressed through CMHS are anxiety and stress management, coping and problem-solving skills, relationship issues, depression, family crisis, trauma and loss, adjustment to college life and living, anger management, communication skills, substance use and abuse, and habit disorders.

Anonymous Online Mental Health Screening:  click here for questionnaires that will tell you more about your mental health and make recommendations for how to improve it. You will not need to identify yourself to see your results.

Specialized assessment services can be arranged and a wide range of educational and personal growth-oriented programs are presented throughout the year in settings such as classrooms, residence halls, and student center meeting rooms, to provide members of the campus community with opportunities to explore areas of personal interest and development.

We strive to accommodate the unique needs of distance learning students.  Those interested in more information on services offered by CMHS for distance learning students may contact our office directly.

CMHS serves as a liaison and information source for students who may be best met by resources in the local community and strives to be available for a prompt response to urgent personal and community situations that may arise. For further information, call 934-420-2006 or e-mail us.

Important: If this is an urgent or emergency situation, please contact University Police at 934-420-2111 immediately. Do not use e-mail.

Campus mental health services

Sinclair Hall, Room 160
Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm


Andrew Berger
Director of Campus Mental Health Services


Shane Owens
Assistant Director, Campus Mental Health Services


Jill Bandura
Senior Staff Psychologist


Christopher Browne
Senior Staff Psychologist


Funto Oyewole
Senior Staff Psychologist


Alex Harary
Administrative Assistant 1

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