Pass/Fail Grading Accommodation for Spring 2020

Undergraduate students may choose the pass/fail option for ANY or ALL of their spring semester classes. The grading accommodation goes into effect immediately and will be active for the Spring 2020 semester in response to the global health pandemic.

The deadline to request a pass/fail or request to change back to normal grading (A-F) is May 8th, the Last Day of Classes for the Spring semester. No exceptions will be made. The links to both request forms are below.

How do I request Pass/Fail grades?:

Submit Pass/Fail Request Form External link

After Friday, May 8th the grade of P will stand as the final grade.

May I change my grade(s) from Pass/Fail back to a normal grading mode (A-F)? Yes. Submit the Letter Grade Change Request Form. External link

Last day to submit a Letter Grade Change back to normal grading is Friday, May 8th.

Course and program restrictions may apply. Please see the listing regarding courses that are not eligible for pass/fail External link. The selection of the P/F option may have academic and/or financial consequences. Students MUST check with their advisor/academic department before submitting a request to change a course to pass/fail. Students should fully understand the possible results of selecting the P/F option. A Pass/Fail grade may affect your academic record in the following ways:

  • P grade = A through D. Only credits will be counted. Grade will not be used in calculating the GPA (Grade Point Average). Credits will count toward degree prerequisites and degree requirements; check with your advisor/chairperson for possible restrictions.
  • A grade of P does not affect your GPA but you are still required to meet the Overall and Term GPA requirements necessary to receive financial aid.
  • A grade of F will be used in the calculation of a student’s GPA.
  • Not all pass/fail grades are transferable nor do they meet all pre-requisite requirements; check with your advisor/chairperson.
  • P/F graded courses may need to be repeated for letter grades depending on program requirements.
  • Pass/fail grades may interfere with degree progression; check with advisor/chairperson.

How this works: Your instructor will assign a final grade (A-F) in the final grade roster. FSC will convert A through D grades to a P for students whose request has been submitted and approved. Student will only receive credit.

At this time the P/F grading scale for Graduate students will not be an option.

Check the status of you request: You can check the progress of your request online once grades have been posted. Should you have any questions regarding this process please contact Email.