Weather Related Procedures for Staff, Faculty and Students

Extreme Weather Procedures

Weather Related Procedures for Staff, Faculty, and Students

During the course of the school year, there will be days when inclement weather conditions necessitate the cancellation of classes and/or activities by the President of the College. Because of the large number of students and staff, it is imperative that a pre-planned system be established to notify all segments of the campus community when the College is canceling its classes and/or activities.

The decision to cancel or delay classes rests with the President. When classes are canceled or delayed, and College offices are open, all non-teaching employees are expected to report for work or charge their time in accordance with appropriate policy. Only the Governor can close the campus entirely.

The best and most immediate way to find out about a delay or cancellation in classes is the College website at The site can also be accessed on your mobile device. In addition, a campus-wide email about the status of classes is typically sent to all students, faculty, and staff and also announced on the College's social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter.

The College has also partnered with RAVE, an emergency notification provider that delivers both text messages and email messages. Students, faculty and staff may sign up for this emergency notification service by going to and entering Farmingdale State College.  Use your Farmingdale user ID and password to sign in.  Please edit the information that appears for your account and include your cell phone number if you want to receive text notification.  If you do not enter your cell phone number, you will receive RAVE notifications via email only.

The College also notifies News 12 and FIOS1 on the delay or cancellation of classes. 

Please note: there are no weather announcements when classes are in session. Announcements are made only in the event of a delay or cancellation. It is always advisable to keep checking the website and other communication vehicles for updates since unpredictable weather may dictate ongoing changes in the campus response. All members of the College community should be prepared to react to severe weather situations while on campus.

Updated 9/30/19

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