NYS-Ride Program

NYS-Ride (pronounced NICE Ride) is a pre-tax benefit that helps NYS employees save money on public transportation costs and contributes to a greener environment. This program is sponsored by OER and administered by Edenred Benefit Solutions (Edenred).

You can use your commuter benefit to pay for a variety of public transit costs with pre-tax dollars. It’s like a discount on your eligible commuter expenses.

The current pre-tax monthly limit is $280. If your monthly commuting costs are more than the $280, the balance of your commuting costs will be purchased with post-tax payroll deductions. 

Employees who participate in NYS-Ride save up to 40% on transportation expenses and average 6% in savings annually. For program details such as enrollment and eligible commuting expenses, visit the Office of Employee Relations NYS-Ride page.

If you have any questions about NYS-Ride, follow this link or contact Edenred customer service at 866-235-9223.

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