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Facilities Operations

The Facilities Operations are responsible for repairing and rehabilitating all buildings and grounds. 

Most work is handled through the work order system accessible from the right-hand navigation. This includes routine repairs which do not constitute a safety or health hazard. For all Emergency work, call Ext. 2017 during regular business hours (M-F, 8 AM-4 PM) at the Maintenance Operations Center in the Service Building. Contact the Heating Plant at Ext. 2605 for after-hour emergency needs

If work is considered a renovation and not maintenance, a project initiation request should be used instead of a work order. Modification of space is not maintenance. Maintenance is the upkeep and repair of space and systems in their present state and for their intended use.

Work Orders

Have a service request or maintenance to report?


Fill out the work order for maintenance issues you observe that need the attention of the Facilities Operations. Please include the following information with your request:

  • Name of requester
  • Phone number of the requester
  • The name and room number of the building where work is required
  • Description of request or work required. Be as specific as possible as to the location and nature of the issue.
  • You will get a confirmation email once Facilities Operations receive the work order and then a follow-up email once the work order is complete.


The personal safety committee at Farmingdale State College is a broad-based advisory group charged with assessing the campus environment and procedures and recommending measures that may be instituted to resolve identified problems.

During the academic year, members of the college community are invited via campus publications to voice their concerns regarding personal safety to the committee. At any time, a campus member may notify the Chair of the committee via email of any concern

Facilities Operations

Service Building


Mark Orlich
Director of Facilities Operations


Douglas LoPalo
Assistant Director of Facilities


Ambar Batista
Administrative Coordinator


Roseann Berech
Administrative Assistant 1

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