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Fire Safety and Prevention

The Fire Safety and Prevention Department at Farmingdale State College makes a year-round effort to ensure the safety of all people on campus. The Campus Fire Marshal Office is involved with various activities on campus, such as the use of facilities requests, events, parent/student orientation, student activities, residence life, and much more.


Annual Inspections

The NYS Office of Fire Prevention & Control is responsible for annually inspecting buildings under the jurisdiction of public and private colleges within New York State. OFPC is empowered to issue a certificate of Compliance, Notice of Violation, and order to Comply as part of the Inspection process. The Office of Fire Prevention and Control requires these inspections.

Student Activities/Residence Life

Our department works closely with Student Activities and Residence Life Staff, ensuring event and resident environments are safe and compliant with the Fire Code of the State of New York for all students.

Conduct random inspections of all buildings noting existing conditions that are not safe or not complying with the Fire Code of the State of New York, notifying the proper department for actions to remedy the situation.

The Fire Prevention and Safety Department supervises indoor/outdoor events requiring the Fire Marshal/ Certified Crowd Manager to satisfy compliance provision of Fire Code State of New York compliance provision.

FSC conducts periodic fire drills/evacuations that are based on the occupancy of the building.

During Fire Safety month (October), provide valuable information to the College community about the importance of Fire Safety here and at home. Part of the education is a live-burn demonstration comparing the importance of fire /smoke alarms and fire sprinklers in saving lives in the event of a fire.

Participate in new student orientations providing important information about Fire Safety & Prevention measures here at FSC.

Our department reviews all requests for those that would be impacted by provisions of The Fire Code State of New York.

Permit Request Forms

Hot Works

Any contractor of College employee engaged in a task that requires an open flame or creates a spark must obtain a Hot Work permit providing the location & duration of the work involved and complying with all areas outlined in the permit.

Mobile Food Truck

As a provision of the 2020 Edition of the Fire Code of New York State, a permit is required whenever a Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle operates on FSC grounds.

Tents Greater than 400 Square-Feet

A permit is required whenever a tent greater than 400 square feet is erected on the Farmingdale State College grounds. This is to ensure the safety of all students and staff on campus, and that protocols have been followed correctly.


Facilities Operations

Fire Safety & Prevention
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John Harford
Fire Management Specialist

Last Modified 2/17/23