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Moving and Trucking: Recycling

Moving and Trucking

The role of Moving and Trucking (M&T) is to assist all Faculty and Staff in moving efforts on campus, both big and small. This entails Inter office moves and building-to-building moves. 

M&T also supplies office furniture to areas in need. This area is also integral in setting up Graduations on campus with staging and helping set up the event. M&T also engages in our recycling efforts. The collection of electronic recycling and Hazardous Medical Waste.


The Department helps and organizes Farmingdale’s recycling program to make our college a greener campus. All white copy paper and cardboard are collected and compacted to be recycled. Mixed plastics and cans are collected throughout the campus and put into a unit to be removed to an off-campus recycling center. All electronic waste is collected and pelleted to be recycled as E-Waste. Our old light bulbs and ballasts are stored and recycled as well. The Recycling Department is continuously striving to better all recycling efforts.


Paula Renda

Internal Control Officer and Compliance Coordinator




Internal Control Policy

Internal Control

Retention & Disposition of Records

Employees must comply with all NYS, SUNY, and Farmingdale State College laws and rules required at the official worksite when telecommuting. This includes the management of any campus records necessary to complete tasks off-site. Records should be managed in accordance with the NYS and SUNY Retention Schedules. Those employees who have taken records home to complete work tasks must manage them carefully. This includes maintaining a log of any files that have been removed from campus and storing all documents in a secure location off-site.  Employees are subject to the same confidential and ethical standards, rules and regulations (i.e. FERPA) when handling documents off-site as they would be on-site. The documents you are working with are official records of the College; as such, they must be returned in their entirety when regular operations resume.  This also applies to any College documents that may be created off-site. If you have any questions or concerns related to managing documents off-site, please contact Administration and Finance.


Service Building


Douglas LoPalo
Assistant Director of Facilities


Maia Roseval
Manager of Sustainability

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