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The Garage services maintain, repair, and order parts for all fleet vehicles. This includes all trucks and cars for the Facilities Operations, Grounds, Custodial, and UPD. The responsibility of our department is to conduct maintenance and repairs on all ground mowers and equipment. Garage Services purchases the fuel and fills all vehicles as needed. Our job is also to assign loaner vehicles to employees who need them for business trips and repair and operate all of the snow removal equipment. Garage Services is here to support all staff at any given time or during any storm.

Fleet Vehicle Policy


Fleet Vehicles Policy

This policy aims to outline requirements for requesting and operating College vehicles. Farmingdale State College owns various vehicles to respond to emergencies adequately, maintain campus grounds, and provide other necessary services. These vehicles represent a significant public investment and must be used only for official Facilities Operations or College business; personal use of these vehicles is prohibited.
State Vehicle Request Form


State Vehicle Request Form

This form is a formal request to operate college vehicles. When filling out this form, please include the date you submitted the request, the driver's name, department, account number, and the purpose of the trip. Please also include the dates/times the college vehicle is used and the vehicle type.

Please note that vehicle availability must be checked through the garage at extension 2492 before submitting this form. If the process is not strictly adhered to, you may risk not being approved to use the state vehicle.



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John Vasta
Assistant Manager, Fleet Services

Last Modified 4/17/24