Adult Learners studying and earning their diplomas

Adult Learners

Trying to advance your career? Need a few credits to finally get that cherished degree? How about a microcredential to enhance your experience and resume?

Evening courses in Business, Computer Programming Information Systems, Horticulture, and many other degree and certificate programs are designed to provide you with the convenience you need.

If you want to learn more about becoming an adult learner at Farmingdale, call Transfer Services at 934-420-5446, or email

Return to Learn: The Adult Learner Series

This virtual series, designed for the fastest growing population of students across college campuses, provides key information adults need to enter a degree program, return to school to finish a degree, or add credentials to an existing degree. Get more details and register for upcoming Adult Learner events.

Meet our Adult Learners

Adult students come from all walks of life to Farmingdale State College. Some are fulfilling a life-long dream to start a business, others want a bachelor’s degree to top off their achievements, and still more attend Farmingdale as a stepping stone to a Master’s or PhD. All in all, an education at Farmingdale State College offers great value for adult learners wanting to stretch themselves and achieve at a high level.

Brittany Buckheit

An Instinct for Helping People
As a young girl, Brittany Buckheit '21 had an instinct for helping people. That's why as a high school student in Port Richey, Florida, she enrolled in her school's Academy of Health, a program designed to prepare students for careers in the health field. And that instinct, which has been fine-tuned over the years, is also the reason Buckheit enrolled in the FSC Nursing program last spring...Read more.

Brittany Buckheit

Cherice Walker

Earning a Degree 30 Years After High School 
Can a single mom of seven, more than 30 years removed from high school, overcome the myriad issues and obstacles facing her on the way to earning a college degree?

She can if she is Cherice Walker '20, who boldly stepped out of the only world she knew to embark on a journey that will help set the course of the rest of her life... Read more.

Chernice Walker

Corinna Magno

First a Degree, Then a Gift Shop
Corinna Magno has attended FSC twice in her lifetime. The first was right out of high school in 1982. Though she admits she wasn't a very good student, she set her sights on a degree in Microbiology. But for a number of reasons – spending lots of hours at a full-time job, lack of transportation, and as Magno admits, a lack of maturity – it did not work out... Read more.

Corinna Magno

Kevin Garvey

FSC All in the Family
"Funny story on why I attended FSC," says Kevin Garvey '19, a 2017 transfer student studying Computer Information Systems. "My uncle was a student here, and had obtained his degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He told me about this school, which I was thinking about coming to... Read more.

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Nephtalie Numa

From Haiti to FSC
Adult students have all kinds of things on their minds when they enroll in college: tuition, convenient class hours, family responsibilities, transportation. The list goes on and on.

But FSC Spring '19 graduate Nephtalie Numa had an issue that put her in a class few occupy: her accent... Read more.

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