Cross Registration Agreement

Cross-registration occurs when one SUNY institution (the Host Campus) provides instruction for a student enrolled in a degree or certificate program at another SUNY institution (the Home Campus) during the same academic term. Cross-registered instruction may be delivered in any instructional format (i.e. in person or online). The primary goal of the cross registration policy is to promote timely degree completion by providing students access to courses at other SUNY campuses while they are enrolled at their home campus.  By providing access to required courses at other SUNY campuses, cross registration allows students to complete requirements in situations where a course or courses are unavailable at their Home campus.

All State University of New York (SUNY) campuses which are fully accredited and eligible to participate in federal Title IV and New York State financial aid programs, hereby enter into formal agreement whereby any student who is matriculated and enrolled or accepted for enrollment at any SUNY campus bound by this agreement may register for academic credit with any other SUNY campus(es) and have the combined credits considered for financial aid, providing that the courses are applicable and transferable to the student's academic program or degree.

Applications for Spring 2020 through the cross-registration application process will open on November 22, 2019. All cross registration approvals must be met prior to registration. Last date to submit a cross registration application for spring classes at Farmingdale is January 17, 2020. The Registrar's Office is available at 934-420-2776 between the hours of 8:30 am to 4:30 pm should you need to speak with a representative.

Farmingdale Students go to FAQ below
(How do I know if I am eligible to cross-register at another SUNY campus?)

Students from other SUNY campuses who wish to cross register at Farmingdale must follow these 4 steps:

  1. Submit, via the web application, the SUNY Cross-Registration Request (application availability dates above)

      You may access the SUNY Cross-Registration Request web application to submit your request,

      Your request is subject to approval from multiple offices on both the Farmingdale campus and your home campus.

             Once you receive the final approval email, proceed to step 2.

       2.  Submit Proof of Immunizations to Farmingdale's Health & Wellness Center

              All students are required to comply with Farmingdale's immunization policy. For more information regarding immunization compliance please visit (health and wellness link).

              After confirming compliance with Health and Wellness Center, proceed to step 3.

        3.  Contact the Registrar's Office to receive a Cross-Registration Action Form

               The Registrar's Office will email you a PDF "Cross-Registration Action Form" for you to complete.

               Upon completing the form, proceed to step 4

        4.   Submit the Cross-Registration Action form back to the Registrar's Office for processing. 

               You will NOT be officially registered for any courses until you complete and submit the Action Form to the Registrar's Office for processing.

For more information please see review the FAQ tabs below.  After reviewing the FAQ tabs below, should you have further questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at

What is the difference between Home and Host Campus?
  • Home Campus is where a student is matriculated in a degree or certificate program.
  • Host Campus is any other campus(es) where a student is registering for classes.

A student in the Business Management program at Farmingdale State College is registered for 9 credits at Farmingdale and cross-registers for a 3 credit course at SUNY Old Westbury.  In this example, Farmingdale is the home campus and SUNY Old Westbury is the host campus.

How do I know if I am eligible to cross-register at another SUNY campus?
  • To be eligible for cross registration, students need to be:
    • matriculated in an undergraduate, graduate degree or certificate program;
    • in good academic standing at the Home Campus
      • Farmingdale defines good academic standing as a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.

  • Any course chosen at the Host Campus must be applicable to your degree at Farmingdale

  • Non Matriculated students (i.e. taking courses at Farmingdale but are not in a degree or certificate) are NOT eligible for cross registration.

  • Both New York state and non new York state residents are eligible for cross registration.

  • Study Abroad courses are not eligible for cross registration.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to confirm any additional requirements set by the host campus.
Farmingdale is my home campus, how do I cross-register at another SUNY?
  • Both Farmingdale (home campus) and the host campus must approve a student's cross-registration request prior to registration. You can access the application and submit your request via the web application

  • You may cross-register at a host campus during the Fall or Spring term.  Summer and winter sessions are subject to the discretion of the host campus and may not be covered by Financial Aid.

  • Farmingdale (home campus) will approve cross registration requests in cases where a required course is not available or not offered at Farmingdale and lack of course availability would result in increased time to degree completion.

  • Please note, Farmingdale (home campus) may limit cross registration based on:
    • campus residency requirements as outlined in the college catalog;
    • residency requirements in the major as outlined in the college catalog;
    • maximum number of credits per academic term
      • Spring Term- 18 Credit Hours
      • Summer Term- 16 Credit Hours
      • Fall Term- 18 Credit Hours
      • Winter Term- 7 Credit Hours
    • the minimum grade point average requirement (2.0)

  • Additionally, Farmingdale is not required to approve cross registration requests in cases where the course is available, but the student wishes to take the course at a different time due to non-academic conflicts.

  • You must meet both Home and Host campus deadlines for approvals and registration, including changes in cross registration status.

  • If you are a Veteran student using Veteran Education Benefits, please stop by the Registrar's Office to speak with a School Certifying Official as additional paperwork may be required in order to receive your benefits.

  • Cross registered credits are transferred in as credit hours only, therefore, any grade earned at another college is not calculated in your major or overall GPA.

  • Once your request is approved by both Farmingdale and the host campus, please contact the host campus for further instructions.  Each campus handles registration differently so make sure you confirm your registration with the other SUNY school

  • IMPORTANT:  If you drop or withdraw from a host campus course you must inform the Farmingdale State College Registrar's Office.

  • Upon completion of the term, please confirm with the host campus' Registrar's Office that a transcript will be sent on your behalf to Farmingdale.
I'm a student from another SUNY, Farmingdale will be my host campus, how do I cross-register at Farmingdale?

In addition to following the 4 steps at the top of the page, please review the following information below.

  • As your potential host institution, Farmingdale reserves the right to deny your application for cross registration based on local policies and course availability. Farmingdale grants priority registration to new, transfer and continuing matriculated students, therefore your request to cross-register at Farmingdale is subject to the availability of space.

  • You may cross-register at Farmingdale State College during the Fall or Spring terms.

  • Farmingdale is not responsible for or required to verify that the course you are attempting to register for is equivalent to a course that is part of your degree requirements at your Home Campus. This is the responsibility of your Home Campus and you, the student.

  • Students are responsible for meeting the prerequisites for cross-registered courses and should discuss prerequisites with your Home Campus advisor before putting in the application request. Farmingdale requires proof of prerequisites for all students registering for classes that require prerequisites.

  • You must meet Home and Host deadlines for approvals and registration, including changes in cross registration status.

  • The cross registration application includes approvals from several offices, including financial aid.  The application shall not be considered complete until all required offices have reviewed and approved their appropriate sections. Some campuses are closed between December 25 and January 1, please allow for additional processing time if you submit your application during this time.

  • If you are a Veteran student using Veteran Education Benefits, please stop by the Registrar's Office to speak with a School Certifying Official as additional paperwork may be required in order to receive your benefits.

  • IMPORTANT:  If you drop or withdraw from a host campus course you must inform the Farmingdale Registrar's Office.

  • Upon completion of the term, a transcript will be sent to your home campus' Registrar's Office on your behalf. If you wish to have your transcript sent to any other location, please submit a transcript request form. Transcripts cannot be sent for students with holds/restrictions on their account. For more information about transcripts, please visit the Transcript Request webpage.