Wireless Access

FSC_Secure  -  For Windows, Macs, iOS and Android devices

  • FSC_Secure is the preferred method as it provides a high level of security.
  • When connecting to FSC_Secure, you will have to enter your Farmingdale username/password in the WPA2-Enterprise prompt.
  • When your password expires, you will need to update your device with the new password.
  • For Android (phone/tablet) and iOS (iPhone/iPad) settings, follow the steps in the FSC_Secure handout.

FSC_WiFi  -  For Gaming, Smart or similar wifi capable devices

  • When connecting to FSC_WiFi, you will be prompted with a login page... https://www.farmingdale.edu/wifi
  • Enter your Farmingdale username/password.  After accepting the terms of the FSC Acceptable Use Policy, click Log in.
  • After a successful login, you will have access for 120 days.  Each subsequent connection will not be prompted to login until the 120 days expire (enough for a whole semester).
  • For Guest Users, click on the link for 24 hour guest access (requires a text message to be a phone number).
  • For Gaming or Streaming devices, manually add your device here.
  • Enter your Farmingdale username/password and click Log In.
  • Click "Create" and enter your Device Name, MAC Address and then click Create Device.  Your device is now registered on the wireless.

Difference Between FSC_Secure and FSC_WiFi

  • FSC_Secure
    FSC_Secure is the preferred method as it provides a high level of security and, in most cases is easier.  It is for any devices that can authenticate via WPA2-Enterprise. This would include Windows, Macs, iOS, Android and other devices.  It is more secure as it individually encrypts each session.
    * You will have to re-connect to the wireless every 120 days or when you change your password.
  • FSC_WiFi
    Open WiFi network (no network level encryption).  It requires associating your MAC address to a username.  That username/MAC association is then stored for 120 days.
    For those that use FSC_WiFi, their client will still end-to-end encrypt data that should be via HTTPS or other encryption method if the service provider has configured it for such.  FSC_WiFi is all encompassing and is for those that cannot or do not want to connect to FSC_Secure.
    * You will have to re-connect to the wireless every 120 days.


If you are still having difficulty registering on the wireless, email helpdesk@farmingdale.edu the below information:

  1. Error message you're getting
  2. Full Name
  3. Ram ID#
  4. Farmingdale Username
  5. Make and model of the device
  6. MAC address of the device

Last Modified 6/12/20