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HBO has migrated from HBO Go to HBO Max.  HBO has provided access to HBO Max for the 2020-2021 school year.  Go to, click Sign In on the upper right, select All Providers, find Farmingdale State College in the list and sign in with your Farmingdale username.

Right now, HBO Max is limited to web, Apple App Store and Android Play Store.  It is not currently available on Roku or Amazon Firestick.


Farmingdale State College has partnered with Apogee/Campus Televideo to provide 72 Channels, including 11 HBO/Cinemax channels, 10 national and local sports channels as well as local NY broadcast and popular cable channels.

Note:  This requires you to have a TV with QAM tuner.  Many TVs for the past 10+ years have had this tuner built in.  If your TV doesn't have a QAM tuner built in, you may purchase an external QAM tuner (similar to a small cable box).  See the Digital TV FAQs below under Additional Information.

Need to see what is on, Farmingdale State College has a customized TV Listings site... Farmingdale TV Listings.

Additional Information

Farmingdale Channel Lineup
Farmingdale TV Listings
HBO Go / Max Go Access Info
Digital TV Service Guide

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