Cable TV Services

*NEW* HBO GO / MAX GO Access


With HBO GO® and MAX GO®, on-campus students get instant, unlimited access to HBO® and Cinemax® programming anytime, anywhere at no extra charge.

Farmingdale State College has partnered with Apogee/Campus Televideo to provide 72 Channels, including 11 HBO/Cinemax channels, 10 national and local sports channels as well as local NY broadcast and popular cable channels.

Note:  This requires you to have a TV with QAM tuner.  Many TVs for the past 10+ years have had this tuner built in.  If your TV doesn't have a QAM tuner built in, you may purchase an external QAM tuner (similar to a small cable box).  See the Digital TV FAQ to the right for more info.

Need to see what is on, Farmingdale State College has a customized TV Listings site... Farmingdale TV Listings.