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Student Advisement- Summer Hours

To schedule an advisement appointment during the Summer, please contact us via email at criminaljustice@farmingdale.edu or call us directly at 934 420-2692. 

Student Advisement Fall Semester begins on August 15th click below to schedule an appointment


Self-registration is available through OASIS 


General Advisement Guidelines

Need help with advisement and/or registration? 

Please refer to these General Advisement Guidelines for assistance: 

1.      Check Degreeworks

-         Degreeworks

-         Degreeworks FAQs

It is recommended you download and save a .pdf file of this document each semester for your records

2.     Check the College Catalog

If you require clarification regarding general education requirements, applied learning, course descriptions, electives or prerequisites (for example, What courses are considered art electives?), please download and refer to the College Catalog. Current and archived College catalogs can be found here.

3.     Check your degree program/curriculum

Refer to the Criminal Justice website for specific information and requirements regarding your degree program (curriculum):

-         Criminal Justice: Police, Courts, and Corrections

-         Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Technology

-         Criminal Justice AS Program

4.    Check with AAIC or the Academic Advisement Handbook 

-         AAIC

-         Academic Advisement Handbook 

5.     Need to “complete a form”?

If you are looking for a specific form (for example to change majors [“curriculum change”]), please search the College website or check the Registrar’s website for these forms. Be sure to look over the forms, as they may require a series of signatures from faculty/staff/administrators (Department Chairs):

-         For Registrar Forms click here

-         For Financial Aid Forms click here

-         For Student Accounts Forms click here

6.    Need to contact the Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Accounts or Transfer Services?

If you have any HOLDS or issues with tuition/refunds/transfer credits, you should contact the Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Accounts and/or Transfer Services for assistance. You can either utilize the College website Search option (Registrar/Financial Aid/Student Accounts/Transfer Services) or click the following links:

-         For the Registrar click here

-         For Transfer Services click here

-         For Financial Aid click here

-         For Student Accounts Forms click here

7.     For additional assistance with advisement and/or registration, please refer to the Criminal Justice website or contact the Criminal Justice main office at criminaljustice@farmingdale.edu 

Note: Many questions can be answered by searching the FSC website using the SEARCH option at the top right corner of the main page. If any of the links provided in this document do not work, you are encouraged to use this search tool to find the information you seek. If you encounter any broken links, please contact us at criminaljustice@farmingdale.edu  


Farmingdale Email Policy & Issues

Always use your FSC email when sending messages for all college related business and inquiries. If you are having difficulty signing into your email follow the link to Email FAQs... Students, Faculty & Staff (farmingdale.edu)

How to place a Helpdesk request:

Email:  helpdesk@farmingdale.edu

Phone:  934-420-2754

For 24/7 Self Service Support visit:  farmingdale.edu/it

Helpdesk Hours:
     Monday - Thursday .... 8:30am - 7:00pm
     Friday ......................... 8:30am - 4:30pm
     Closed Weekends



Criminal Justice department

Ward Hall, Room 10
Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm


Dr. Michelle Miranda 
Acting Director 


Dr. LaNina Cooke
Assistant Director


Angela D'Atena
Administrative Assistant

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