Tutoring - Frequently Asked Questions


How does tutoring work?

Tutoring is conducted on a walk-in basis (the Center does not take appointments) and is available for currently registered Farmingdale State College students for courses in which they are currently enrolled. Sessions may be individual or in a group setting, depending on demand. Simply check the schedules for the course you need assistance in and come prepared with your Farmingdale student ID card as well as any notes, books, or materials that will help you. Students are expected to come into the Center with specific questions and concepts in which they need further assistance.

Please note: The Center is only permitted to tutor students who are currently enrolled at Farmingdale State College and for courses in which they are currently enrolled. Regrettably, if you are not a current student of the College (i.e. alumni, transferred to another institution, community member, etc.), you are not eligible to utilize the Center's services.

Which courses can I receive tutoring in?

The Center offers assistance in many business, computer systems, science, and technology related courses. Please see the tutoring schedules for specific tutor and course availability.

How can I access the tutoring schedules?

The tutoring schedules vary each semester based off staffing. Current schedules can be accessed by visiting the Tutoring Schedules page. It is advisable to check the Center's website regularly for any up-to-minute schedule additions, revisions, or important announcements.

How much does tutoring cost?

Nothing! Tutoring is FREE of charge, sponsored in part by the Student Government Association.

When can I get tutored?

The Center is open to students Monday through Friday, on days when classes are in session during the Fall and Spring semesters. Operating hours may vary each semester based on the tutoring schedule. Limited tutoring services are sometimes available during Summer Session A. The Center is not open during the January winter intersession.

Where are the tutoring sessions held?

All tutoring sessions are held in the Tutoring Center, Greenley Hall (Library), Room 301 in the new Learning Loft.

Who are the tutors?

Typically, there are approximately 15-20 peer and 8-10 professional tutors each semester. Peer tutors must be faculty recommended and must have received an A- or A in the courses they tutor. Some of our professional tutors have included:

  • Accountant
  • Certified NYS educators
  • Graduate Students (FSC alumni)
  • Medical Students
  • Registered Nurses
  • Retired Engineers

How can I prepare for my tutoring session?

Before coming in for a tutoring session, it is highly recommended that students do the following:
  • Go to class, listen attentively, take notes, and address questions with your instructor to clarify any difficulties or problem areas. Remember: tutors are NOT teachers. They are not responsible for teaching you any material. Rather, they are available to assist you with specific concepts that you learned in class.
  • Attempt to do your assignments and practice problems before coming to your tutoring sessions. Tutors are NOT permitted to do any assignments for you (exams, quizzes, homework, etc). This is a violation of the College's policy on Academic Integrity.
  • Identify specific concepts/areas where help is needed prior to attending your session.
  • Come prepared with all necessary materials: notes, books, handouts, etc. The Center does not maintain copies of textbooks or other class materials. However, students may utilize textbooks on reserve from the Library.

Is online tutoring available?

Yes! Online tutoring is available for currently registered FSC students through NetTutor Online Tutoring. In addition, RamTutor Online Tutoring provides online tutoring for select Dental Hygiene and Nursing courses. There is no cost to use these services.

Does the Center offer tutoring for standardized tests?

No, unfortunately the Center does not provide tutoring for any type of standardized test, including but not limited to: GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or LSAT. At this time, tutoring is only available for courses that are currently being offered at the College.

Does the Center offer placement testing or test proctoring services?

No, the Center does not offer placement testing or test proctoring services. Test proctoring services are typically available from the Disability Services Center in Roosevelt Hall.

I'm interested in becoming a tutor. How do I get started?

Please visit the Become a Peer Tutor page for more information.

Still could use some help? Email us and we will get back to you shortly.