Fall 2021 COVID Vaccination Mandate

Students who have not received an exemption and elect to remain unvaccinated may withdraw and receive a full refund provided they are officially withdrawn by September 5, 2021.  Students who fail to comply with the vaccine mandate and are not given a medical or religious exemption by September 27, 2021 will be disenrolled from the College, without refund

Coronavirus Update: Spring 2020 Credits & Refunds

The COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the College has required flexibility and adjustments by all of us. The College is providing you guidance on the credits and refunds to be provided for the spring 2020 semester. We appreciate your patience as we work to implement this SUNY-wide plan. 

Please be aware that once you are registered for classes, you have incurred a financial liability for the cost of these courses. That liability may be cancelled or reduced by subsequent actions taken by the student (withdrawal during the published refund schedule). Students should be aware that if they decide not to attend the College after registering for courses they must withdraw from the course(s) in order to have their liability adjusted and/or a refund processed.

For additional information, please see the Farmingdale State College Catalog.

Drops and Withdrawals

Reduction (and refund, if applicable) of tuition and fee liability is made according to SUNY Board of Trustees policies.  Students incur liability based on the length of the academic term and the date of official withdrawal.  In order to be eligible to receive a reduction of tuition and fee liability for the semester, students must follow the official drop or withdrawal deadlines. Failure to submit payment, stopping payment on a check, or not attending class(es) does not classify as an official withdrawal and does not absolve the student of his or her financial obligation or entitle the student to a refund.  The College does not cancel the schedules of students whose bill is in an unpaid status by the payment deadline. 

Financial liability to the College is determined by the refund schedule applicable at the time the drop or withdrawal is processed in the Registrar’s Office.  If a course(s) is dropped during the 100% refund period, then no tuition and fee liability will be incurred.  After the drop period, if a student wishes to withdraw from a course(s), the schedule below can be used to determine the reduction of tuition and fee liability that is due.  Please note that after the 100% refund period, the College Fee, Transcript Fee and Special Course/Curriculum Fees are no longer refundable. 

Please Note:

  • The last date to process a withdrawal may fall on a Saturday or Sunday.  If the drop period falls on a Saturday or Sunday, or you wish to process a schedule change outside of office hours, you will only be able to drop a course online.  Financial Holds on your account will prevent you from dropping your course online.  Students with a Financial Hold on their account can only process schedule changes in person at the Registrar’s Office during normal business hours.
  • The academic drop/withdrawal deadline is not related to the deadlines for determining tuition and fee liability.

Procedures for withdrawal from classes and the deadlines for adding or dropping/withdrawing classes can be found in the College Catalog, at or by calling the Registrar’s Office 934-420-2776.

Non-Attendance / Non-Payment

Failure to submit payment, stopping payment on a check, or not attending class(es) does not classify as an official withdrawal and does not absolve the student of his or her financial obligation or entitle the student to a reduction of liability.  In order to be eligible to receive a reduction of tuition and fee liability for the semester, students must follow the official drop or withdrawal deadlines.


Any student who is expelled or suspended from school by the President of the College or his designee, or the Dean of Students, will not be eligible to receive tuition or any other refund.

MMR Immunization

New York State law requires all students born on or after January 1, 1957 who are attending an institution of higher education to show proof of two doses of live measles vaccine given at least one month apart after twelve months of age and after 1968; one dose of live mumps vaccine given after twelve months of age; one dose of live rubella vaccine given after twelve months of age. New York State law also requires that all students read and sign a letter about meningitis, the meningitis immunization, and to then make a choice regarding the immunization. Note: all resident students must be immunized for meningitis. Students who fail to comply with either NYS laws regarding MMR immunization or meningitis will be disenrolled and will not receive any reduction of their tuition as per NYS law.

Military Service

There shall be no tuition or fee liability established for a student who withdraws to enter military service prior to the end of an academic term for those courses in which the student does not receive academic credit.  Note: The term “military service” means full-time active duty in the Army, Navy (including Marine Corps), Air Force, Coast Guard of the United States, or qualifying National Guard duty during a war, other military operation, or national emergency as defined in Section 5 of the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (HEROES) Act (Public Law 108-76).

Financial Aid Implications

Regulations require the Office of Financial Aid to recalculate the amount of aid the student has earned based on the time in attendance.

Students who fail to attend any classes will be ineligible for Title IV and NY State Financial Aid. Financial Aid eligibility is based on the course load of courses actually attended and applicable to your degree. If notification of non-attendance in any class is received at any time, the determination of financial aid eligibility will be re-evaluated for that term and may result in financial aid forfeiture and/or a balance due to the College.

Aid for subsequent terms may also be affected by a withdrawal.  It is strongly recommended that students consult with their financial aid counselor.

Room and Board

Residence hall and meal plan fees are refundable on a prorated basis according to the following schedule, providing that the student follows the check-out procedure through Residence Life.

Time-Frame Liability Refund
First week 10% 90%
Second week 25% 75%
Third week 50% 50%
Fourth Week 75% 25%

Any student who has been accorded due process and has been dismissed from the residence halls for disciplinary reasons will receive neither full nor partial refund of room, board or fee payments.

Refunds of Advance Tuition or Room Deposit

Requests for refund of the Advance Tuition Deposit should be directed in writing to the College’s Admissions Office and requests for refund of the Advance Room Deposit should be directed to the Office of Residential Life.

Extenuating Circumstance Appeal

The College recognizes that there may be instances such as medical circumstances, serious family situations, deaths and other similar severe events that may prevent a student from attending class(es) for the remainder of the semester for which they are currently enrolled. These serious circumstances may require that the student withdraw from their class(es) and request a refund that is beyond the normal refund schedule and policy.

Students should be aware that they have the right to submit such an appeal to the Extenuating Circumstances Committee.  The procedure for filing this appeal is detailed under the section Academic Information within the Farmingdale State College catalog.

Please be advised that no appeals will be considered if you have attended more than one-half of the term, or if any academic credit is received for any course within that term.  Please see for detailed information and to download the appeal form.

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