Lab/Course Fee Information

The revised SUNY fee policy 7804 (which can be viewed at now allows campuses to charge course related fees for academic offerings that entail extraordinary costs and/or result in a tangible end product for students.

Accordingly, effective with the Spring 2022 semester, the College will be charging course/lab fees in the following courses:


Course Name

Fee Amount

BIO 120L General Biology Lab $30
BIO 123L Human Body/Hlth & Disease Lab $30
BIO 130L Biological Principles I $25
BIO 131L Biological Principles II $25
BIO 166L Principals of Human Anatomy & Physiology $35
BIO 170L Human Anatomy & Physiology I $35
BIO 171L Human Anatomy & Physiology II $35
BIO 192L Botany Lab $30
BIO 198L Entomology Lab $55
BIO 212L Bioscience Laboratory Practices $30
BIO 221L Oral Microbiology Lab $40
BIO 270L Anatomy and Physiology I $35
BIO 271L Anatomy and Physiology II $35
BIO 316L General Microbiology Lab $40
BIO 318L Medical Microbiology Lab $40
BIO 330L Principles of Ecology $40
BIO 335L Plant Systematics Lab $40
BIO 344L Principles of Genetics $25
BIO 349L Cell Biology $60
BIO 355L Ecological Topics: Structure & Function of Nature $30
BIO 441L Molecular Biology $80
BIO 480L Bioscience Internship I $50
BIO 481L Bioscience Internship II $50
BIO 482L Bioscience Internship III $50
BIO 483L Bioscience Internship IV $50

BUS 409

Strategic Management $24
BUS 409W Strategic Management - Writing Intensive $24
CHM 124L Principles of Chemistry $30
CHM 140L Intro to General, Organic & Biochemistry $30
CHM 152L General Chemistry Principles I $35
CHM 153L General Chemistry Principles II $35
CHM 260L Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry $40
CHM 270L Organic Chemistry I $45
CHM 271L Organic Chemistry II Lab $45
CHM 380L Biochemistry $40
DEN 102L Dental Matl & Expand Funct Lab $60
DEN 105L Dental & Oral Anatomy $155
DEN 106L Oral Radiology I $60
DEN 115 Clinical Dental Hygiene I  $1,216
DEN 201L Pain Management Lab $60
DEN 235 Clinical Dental Hygiene III   $722
DEN 302L Principle Of Dental Anesthesia $60
DEN 335 Essentials of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice I $630
DEN 345 Essentials of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice II $75
ECO 491 Applied Eco Analysis $30
HOR 101L Soil Science $45
HOR 103L Herbaceous Plants I Lab $45
HOR 110L Horticulture I $100
HOR 111L Horticulture II: Growth & Development $100
HOR 201L Arboriculture Lab $45
HOR 204L Herbaceous Plants II Lab $45
HOR 211L Woody Plants I $45
HOR 212L Woody Plants Lab $45
HOR 218L Indoor Plants Lab $45
HOR 219L Landscape Construction Lab $45
HOR 223L Basics of Floral Design $275
HOR 226L Advanced Floral Design $300
HOR 238L Turfgrass Culture Lab $45
HOR 248L Woody Plant Diagnostic Tech Lab $45
HOR 250L Plant Propagation Lab $45
HOR 330L Weed Science & Management Lab $50
HOR 340L The Sustainable Garden $45
MET 117L Manufacturing Processes (Lab) $30
MET 127L Adv Manufacturing Processes Lab $30
MLS 105L Medical Laboratory Techniques $25
MLS 223L Hematology $50
MLS 227L Immunology and Serology Lab $105
MLS 320L Hematology I Lab $40
MLS 330L Immunohematology I Lab $45
MLS 340L Clinical Chemistry I Lab $100
MLS 350L Clinical Microbiology I Lab $30
MLS 351L Clinical Microbiology II Lab $110
MLS 420L Hematology II Lab $80
NUR 114L Clinical & Theoretical Foundation $200
NUR 217H Care Indv/w Acute Health Hosp $200
NUR 306H Care Indvls Chronic Health $200
NUR 307H Nursing Care of Child & Family $200
NUR 402H Community & Mental Health Nur $200
PHY 125L Physical Science Laboratory I $13
PHY 126L Physical Science Laboratory II $13
PHY 135L College Physics I Laboratory $13
PHY 136L College Physics II Laboratory $13
PHY 143L General Physics I (Calculus) $13
PHY 144L General Physics II (Calculus) $13
PHY 480 Physics Research I $13
PHY 481 Physics Research II $13
VIS 104 Introduction to Calligraphy $50

This is a First Day Inclusive Access course that utilizes digital course materials.  An Inclusive Access Fee is assessed to all student registered for this course.  Students may opt-out of this fee and purchase the course materials separately.  Opt-out requests must be received prior to the add/drop date.  

BUS 101 Accounting I $62.50


Please note:  Rates are subject to change without notice by action of Farmingdale State College and/or the SUNY Board of Trustees.

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