Lab/Course and First Day/Inclusive Access Fee Information

The revised SUNY fee policy 7804 (which can be viewed at now allows campuses to charge course related fees for academic offerings that entail extraordinary costs and/or result in a tangible end product for students.

Accordingly, effective with the Spring 2023 semester, the College will be charging course/lab fees in the following courses:

Course  Course Name Fee Amount
BIO 120L General Biology Lab $30
BIO 123L Human Body/Hlth & Disease Lab $30
BIO 130L Biological Principles I $25
BIO 131L Biological Principles II $25
BIO 166L Principals of Human Anatomy & Physiology $35
BIO 170L Human Anatomy & Physiology I $35
BIO 171L Human Anatomy & Physiology II $35
BIO 192L Botany Lab $30
BIO 198L Entomology Lab $55
BIO 212L Bioscience Laboratory Practices $30
BIO 221L Oral Microbiology Lab $40
BIO 270L Anatomy and Physiology I $35
BIO 271L Anatomy and Physiology II $35
BIO 316L General Microbiology Lab $40
BIO 318L Medical Microbiology Lab $40
BIO 330L Principles of Ecology $40
BIO 335L Plant Systematics Lab $40
BIO 344L Principles of Genetics $25
BIO 349L Cell Biology $60
BIO 355L Ecological Topics: Structure & Function of Nature $30
BIO 441L Molecular Biology $80
BIO 480L Bioscience Internship I $50
BIO 481L Bioscience Internship II $50
BIO 482L Bioscience Internship III $50
BIO 483L Bioscience Internship IV $50

BUS 409

Strategic Management $24
BUS 409W Strategic Management - Writing Intensive $24
CHM 124L Principles of Chemistry $30
CHM 140L Intro to General, Organic & Biochemistry $30
CHM 152L General Chemistry Principles I $35
CHM 153L General Chemistry Principles II $35
CHM 260L Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry $40
CHM 270L Organic Chemistry I $45
CHM 271L Organic Chemistry II Lab $45
CHM 380L Biochemistry $40
DEN 102L Dental Matl & Expand Funct Lab $60
DEN 105L Dental & Oral Anatomy $155
DEN 106L Oral Radiology I $60
DEN 115 Clinical Dental Hygiene I  $1,216
DEN 201L Pain Management Lab $60
DEN 235 Clinical Dental Hygiene III   $722
DEN 302L Principle Of Dental Anesthesia $60
DEN 335 Essentials of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice I $630
DEN 345 Essentials of Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice II $75
ECO 491 Applied Eco Analysis $30
HOR 101L Soil Science $45
HOR 103L Herbaceous Plants I Lab $45
HOR 110L Horticulture I $100
HOR 111L Horticulture II: Growth & Development $100
HOR 201L Arboriculture Lab $45
HOR 204L Herbaceous Plants II Lab $45
HOR 211L Woody Plants I $45
HOR 212L Woody Plants Lab $45
HOR 218L Indoor Plants Lab $45
HOR 219L Landscape Construction Lab $45
HOR 223L Floral Design I - Basics (Lab) $275
HOR 226L Floral Design II - Adv Lab $300
HOR 238L Turfgrass Culture Lab $45
HOR 248L Woody Plant Diagnostic Tech Lab $45
HOR 250L Plant Propagation Lab $45
HOR 330L Weed Science & Management Lab $50
HOR 340L The Sustainable Garden $45
MET 117L Manufacturing Processes (Lab) $30
MET 127L Adv Manufacturing Processes Lab $30
MLS 105L Medical Laboratory Techniques $25
MLS 223L Hematology $50
MLS 227L Immunology and Serology Lab $105
MLS 320L Hematology I Lab $40
MLS 330L Immunohematology I Lab $45
MLS 340L Clinical Chemistry I Lab $100
MLS 350L Clinical Microbiology I Lab $30
MLS 351L Clinical Microbiology II Lab $110
MLS 420L Hematology II Lab $80
NTR 150L Quantity Food Production Lab $30
NTR 200L Food Science w/Lab $30
NTR 300 Cultural Foods $30
NUR 114L Clinical & Theoretical Foundation $270
NUR 217H Care Indv/w Acute Health Hosp $200
NUR 307H Nursing Care of Child & Family - Obstetrics $100
NUR 307H Nursing Care of Child & Family - Pediatrics $100
NUR 308H Care Indvls Chronic Health $200
NUR 402H Community & Mental Health Nur $200
PHY 125L Physical Science Laboratory I $13
PHY 126L Physical Science Laboratory II $13
PHY 135L College Physics I Laboratory $13
PHY 136L College Physics II Laboratory $13
PHY 143L General Physics I (Calculus) $13
PHY 144L General Physics II (Calculus) $13
PHY 480 Physics Research I $13
PHY 481 Physics Research II $13

The following courses utilize digital course materials.  A First Day/Inclusive Access Fee is assessed to all students registered for these courses.  Students may opt-out of this fee and purchase the course materials separately.  Opt-out requests must be received prior to the add/drop date.

Click here for First Day/Inclusive Access Fee Frequently Asked Questions. 

BCS 160 Computer, Society & Technology $111.70
BUS 101 Accounting I $66.85
BUS 102 Accounting II $66.85
BUS 111 Introduction to Business $89.36
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology $43.74


Please note:  Rates are subject to change without notice by action of Farmingdale State College and/or the SUNY Board of Trustees.

Last Modified 1/10/23