COVID-19 Refunds FAQ


How did the College determine which charges would be prorated for refund?

The College reviewed all fees and determined which campus-based services had been discontinued as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as which fee services could not be duplicated via online delivery.

Unused room and board amounts for students who moved out of campus housing will be calculated based on an effective date of March 19th. This is the earliest date allowed under the SUNY guidelines.

Broad-based fees including the Intercollegiate Athletic Fee, Transportation Fee, Recreation Fee and Student Activity Fee will be recalculated to exclude the unused portion. The College engaged student government on the specifics of the student activity fee recalculation based on a modified SGA budget for the remainder of the year.

The Technology Fee, Health Service Fee, College Fee and Transcript Fee will not be reimbursed.

Charges associated with Study Abroad programs have been credited to participating students based on the individual program.

Why was the Health Service Fee not prorated?

Services supported by the Health Service Fee, including the Health and Wellness Center and Campus Mental Health Services, remain available to the College community during the period of campus closure.  Students will be served on a telehealth basis, and may reach the office by telephone or email.

Will my course fees be reimbursed?

The College will reimburse a portion of certain course fees based on the consumables purchased with the fee money and already used during the beginning part of the semester.

Will tuition refunds be granted?

Tuition refunds will not be granted.  Courses have been transitioned to a distance learning format as of March 19th and instruction continues.

How did the College calculate the amount for each prorated fee?

The calculation of the amount of the credit is based on a SUNY established departure date of March 19th through the conclusion of the semester on May 15th.

Why didn’t I get a refund from the COVID-19 crisis?

If your student account was not paid in full, the associated COVID-19 charge adjustments reduced the amount owed.

What happens to my payment plan after the charge adjustments occur?

The charge adjustments posted to your account will reduce the remaining balance of your payment plan.

If after the adjustments you no longer owe the College a balance, your payment plan will be cancelled. 

If the adjustments to your account result in a lower balance due the College, your May payment plan installment will be reduced accordingly.

When will my refund/credit be available?

SUNY system is asking campuses to hold on processing all refunds and credits until the end of the term.

There are potential financial aid implications to issuing credits/refunds and the administration is working with SUNY System to ensure that any transaction processes on a student’s account, whether refund or credit, does not harm students in any way.

How will I receive my refund?

Students with an account that is paid in full or that has a balance less than the credited amount will receive a refund from the College.

Where possible, reimbursements will be processed through BankMobile. To update your refund delivery option with BankMobile, go to  In some cases, where a BankMobile account is unavailable the College will issue a paper check.

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