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Since a COIL course has components of an online course with synchronous and asynchronous activities, students who are enrolled in a COIL course can find useful resources in the Distance Learning webpage or in Information Technology Training

How to Use the COIL Experience

What Your COIL Experience Provides for You

Participating in COIL provides many benefits, including:

  • expanded cultural knowledge and improved intercultural competency
  • invaluable job skills (see below)
  • teamwork opportunities

Articulating COIL Experiences on Your Resume

Key Phrases to Keep in Mind

Your COIL collaboration can set you apart from others as you apply for a job or advance your career. Consider the following phrases to help you articulate your COIL experiences on your resume:

  • Increased cultural competence
    • Overcame cultural differences to promote deeper cultural understanding
    • Gained a greater appreciation for diverse ways to approach problems
    • Learned about basic surface culture (e.g., food, popular culture, style, etc.) and mid-level functions of culture (e.g., language, norms, symbols)
    • Advanced an attitude of openness and curiosity
    • Developed negotiation skills with international team members
    • Developed a better understanding of foreign cultures within their own unique contexts
  • Developed intercultural communication skills
    • Advanced communication skills through interaction with foreign college students
    • Improvised with nonverbal and verbal cues to overcome communication and language barriers
    • Cultivated patience and understanding with non-native English speakers
    • Expanded second-language abilities
  • Expanded flexibility and openness to risk-taking
    • Adapted to unanticipated situations and created new plans in response to unexpected events due to periodic mishaps and unexpected events
    • Participated fully in professor’s first-ever COIL project for the course (or newly established COIL program at my college)
    • Engaged in innovative learning opportunity between U.S. and international partners
  • Exercised responsibility in project planning
    • Developed solutions with teammates to maximize project effectiveness
    • Collaborated with foreign peers to stay on task
    • Managed international time difference to maximize efficiency in group project
    • Increased proficiency in social media and online platforms for use in course-based project
  • Improved technology and social media skills
    • Developed global netiquette skills
    • Developed professional approach to using social media for team project


Distance Learning:

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Memorial Hall, Room 215


Dr. Chiara De Santi - Chair
COIL Coordinator


Dr. Melixa Abad Izquierdo
School of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Rita Austin
School of Health Sciences


Dr. Jing Betty Feng
School of Business


Prof. Arzu Susoglu - Secretary
School of Engineering Technology


Dr. Jill Silverman
International Education Committee Liaison

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