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For faculty interested in learning more about COIL, upcoming professional development workshops, as well as FSC's COIL Information Session, please visit the COIL webpage through ARIES

In support of FSC’s internationalization mission, COIL provides students with Applied Learning experience within the context of their courses and with an opportunity to enhance their global and cross-cultural knowledge with international peers. The COIL design connects students and faculty across time zones and geographic regions using online tools and a pedagogy that suits this type of Virtual Exchanges. Language barriers are minimized to support the exchange of diverse cultural perspectives while fostering intercultural communication. 

Guiding Principles of COIL at FSC

Academic quality and consistency are essential for all COIL courses. COIL modules within courses at FSC are required to meet academic standards for online teaching and fulfill the requirements for Applied Learning/Civic Engagement—COIL.

COIL courses are designed to foster international collaborations of faculty and students, intercultural communication, and problem-solving skills. COIL courses provide cost-effective, meaningful global experiences through modules within academic courses. 

COIL courses encourage partnership across disciplines to broaden the Student Learning Outcomes of a course. As COIL courses are often designed for collaboration across disciplines and countries, they naturally promote not only multicultural awareness and diverse perspectives within a student’s curriculum, but also increase the students' global perspective, therefore aligning directly with the mission of Academic Affairs. COIL courses are essential in the contemporary, 21st century world, where inter- and multi-disciplinarity play a major role in broadening Student Learning Outcomes.

COIL courses can provide opportunities for the creation of an international network (students, faculty, and staff). Faculty and staff members create partnerships at separate institutions with the goal of supporting mutual Student Learning Outcomes. These relationships foster active learning, as issues are explored through diverse cultural perspectives and contexts.


Memorial Hall, Room 215


Dr. Chiara De Santi - Chair
COIL Coordinator


Dr. Melixa Abad Izquierdo
School of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Rita Austin
School of Health Sciences


Dr. Jing Betty Feng
School of Business


Prof. Arzu Susoglu - Secretary
School of Engineering Technology


Dr. Jill Silverman
International Education Committee Liaison

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