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Placement Testing

Welcome to Farmingdale State College. Placement testing determines the appropriate starting point for English or Math Courses at FSC. Please view below for more information.

For placement into college level English (EGL 101), students must have completed the English Language Arts (ELA) Regents exam and scored an 83 or higher.

Students who have not completed the English Language Arts (ELA) Regents Exam or completed the English Language Arts Regents Exam (ELA) and scored between a 71 and 82 must complete the Guided Self-Placement survey to register for a first-year writing course.

Students who completed the English Language Arts (ELA) Regents exam and scored a 70 or below must register for EGL 097: Basic Writing Skills.

Note: students who were admitted to FSC prior to fall 2024 will take a written placement test and eligible incoming fall 2024 admits will complete the Guided Self-Placement survey.

Most first-time students are placed in mathematics courses based upon their performance in high school and on New York State Regents Examinations in Math. A transfer student who has received credit for mathematics courses taken at another college will be placed at the highest Math Placement (MP) level satisfied by either those courses or by the student’s high school Regents/precalculus performance.

Math placement level NYS Regents Exam
Score, High School
Course, and/or
Previous College
satisfied for entry
MP 4
  • Precalculus (high school) grade ≥ 70 or 
  • FSC MTH 117 –Precalculus with Applications or
  • FSC MTH 129 – Precalculus
  • MTH 130: Calculus I with Applications
  • MTH 150: Calculus I
MP 3
  • NYS Algebra II Regents
    score of ≥ 70 or
  • NYS Algebra2/Trig Regents
    score of ≥ 70 or
  • FSC MTH 116 – College Algebra
  • MTH 117: Precalculus with Applications
  • MTH 129: Precalculus
MP 2
  • NYS Algebra I Regents score of ≥ 70 or
  • NYS Integrated Algebra Regents Score of ≥ 70 or
  • FSC MTH 015 - Elements of Algebra
  • MTH 102: Elementary Discrete Mathematical Models
  • MTH 103: Sets, Probability & Logic
  • MTH 107: Introduction to Mathematical Ideas
  • MTH 110: Statistics
  • MTH 116: College Algebra
MP 1 None
  • MTH 015: Elements of Algebra

The following students are required to take the College’s Math Placement Test to determine their mathematics placement level:

  1. Students who graduated from high school more than five years from the time of application for admission and had not passed any college mathematics course at time of application.
  2. Students from outside New York who have not taken a NYS Math Regents Examination and who have not passed high school pre-calculus or any other credit-bearing college mathematics course.

For general questions about math placement, please contact the Mathematics department at

Register for a Placement Test

English Placement Test

  • Students admitted prior to fall 2024: contact the Writing Center to schedule your written Placement Test.

  • Incoming fall 2024 students: visit the Guided Self-Placement survey page for additional information.

Math Placement Test

  • Incoming and current students: visit the Math Placement Test page to learn more about and sign-up for the test.

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