Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Students (VDI)

Student VDIs have been setup so students can access their course software from home.  They are called "Student-Desktop", "Student-Specialized" and "Student-Visual Studio".

Below is a list of software on each of the VDIs.

The Student-Specialized desktop is reserved for students that need access to the software listed on that VDI.

All other students should use the Student-Desktop and Student-Visual Studio VDIs. 

Please remember to log off the VDI when not in use.

Follow the steps below on how to install and use the VDI:

To install the VMware Horizon Client, click on one of the links below depending upon your operating system.

  • You will then be prompted to Agree & Install.    Once, installed, click Finish.
  • You will then see the restart your system for the configuration changes made to VMware Horizon Client to take effect.
  • Once restarted, you will see a VMware Horizon Client shortcut on your desktop.
  • To run the client, double click on the shortcut.
  • You will see Add Server.
  • After clicking on Add Server, you will need to enter the name of the server…
  • You will be prompted to enter your Farmingdale username and password.
  • Choose the Student – Desktop or Student – Specialized.
  • You will then log into the VDI with your student credentials.
  • You will then see the Windows desktop.
  • When you are done, shut down like you would shut down your PC.
  • To log off the server, click on the plug icon in the top left had corner of the window.
Last Modified 10/13/22