Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Students (VDI)

Two student VDIs have been setup so students can access their course software from home.  They are called "Student-Desktop" and "Student-Specialized".  Below is a list of software on each of the VDIs.

The Student-Specialized desktop is reserved for students that need access to the software in the second column.

All other students should use the Student-Desktop VDI.  Please log off the VDI when not in use.

"Student - Desktop"  Software   "Student - Specialized"  Software
ArcGIS & ArcGIS Pro
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Visio

AutoDesk (AutoCAD, Inventor, Architect, Revit)
ArcGIS Pro
Visual Studio
(Microsoft Office and SPSS is included)

Follow the steps below on how to install and use the VDI:

To install the VMware Horizon Client, click on one of the links below depending upon your operating system.

  • You will then be prompted to Agree & Install.    Once, installed, click Finish.
  • You will then see the restart your system for the configuration changes made to VMware Horizon Client to take effect.
  • Once restarted, you will see a VMware Horizon Client shortcut on your desktop.
  • To run the client, double click on the shortcut.
  • You will see Add Server.
  • After clicking on Add Server, you will need to enter the name of the server…
  • You will be prompted to enter your Farmingdale username and password.
  • Choose the Student – Desktop or Student – Specialized.
  • You will then log into the VDI with your student credentials.
  • You will then see the Windows desktop.
  • When you are done, shut down like you would shut down your PC.
  • To log off the server, click on the plug icon in the top left had corner of the window.
Last Modified 10/1/20