DEI Advisory Councils

The DEI Advisory Councils at FSC serve as the enduring advisory bodies to the leadership of the College. Serving at the department level, these advisory councils identify concerns and recommend and develop practical and meaningful opportunities that sustain and enrich a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through the guidance, planning, and analysis of our departmental advisory councils, the College can continue to provide a campus community of belonging.

College-Wide DEI Advisory Council

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Council of Farmingdale State College (FSC) is composed of justice-minded faculty, staff, and students who work in concert and under the guidance of the FSC Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence and Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Kevin Jordan.  The Advisory Council supports and advocates for DEI-related initiatives that emerge from both FSC and SUNY.  Lastly, the Advisory Council serves as a space to foster belongingness through programming and campus-wide representation including efforts to ameliorate DEI-related concerns that are brought to the Council's attention.

Mission Statement

The mission of the FSC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Council is to:

  1. Promote an atmosphere of belongingness and inclusivity throughout FSC.
  2. Support the DEI-related efforts of FSC and SUNY.
  3. Provide a platform for all those throughout the diverse FSC community to raise their voice around issues of DEI.  

Member List

Member Name Email Department Title
Dr. Alicia Cesar Alicia Cesar EOP  
Andrea Tew Andrea Tew DEI  
Matthew Brown Matthew Brown


Mahambe Toure Mahambe Toure

Residence Life

Bryan Garcia Bryan Bryan Garcia Garcia TRIO  
Chiara DeSanti Chiara De Santi Modern Languages  
Christine Freaney Christine Freaney Nutrition  
Dylan Gafarian Dylan Gafarian RAM  
Darlene Mayers Darleyne Mayers    
Erin Calkins Erin Calkins Athletics  
Ebru Ulusoy Ebru Ulusoy Akgun Business Management  
Fatoma Rad Fatoma Rad Library Co-Chair
Frank Capezza Frank Capezza Campus Police  
Frank Rampello Frank Rampello Dean of Students  
Justina Geremia Justina Geremia Internal Control  
Kimberly Chong Kimberly Chong Dean of Students  
Kimberly Parris Kimberly Parris Office of Events Management  
Kathleen Flynn Kathleen Flynn Title IX Officer  
Keri Franklin Keri Franklin Finance  
Dr. Kevin Jordan Kevin Jordan Diversity, Equity, & Inclusive Excellence Chief Diversity Officer
LaNina Cooke LaNina Cooke Criminal Justice  
LaShonda Boggan LaShonda Boggan Residence Life  
Anthony Manansingh Anthony Manansingh DSC  
Shellon Lees    
Sherry Manansingh Sherry Manansingh Nursing Co-Chair
Lukas Miedrich Lukas Miedreich Student Activities  
Marybeth McCloskey Marybeth McCloskey Human Resources  
Sylvia Nicosia Sylvia Navarro-Nicosia Institutional Research  
Nazrul Islam M Islam Computer Security  
Patricia Lind-Gonzalez Patricia Lind-Gonzalez Institutional Research  
Sharon Khan-Sakoor Sharon Sakoor Dean of Students  
Vidya Chan Vidya Chan Assistant Professor  
Vicki Janik Vicki Janik Professional Communications  

Department of Nursing DEI Advisory Council

Vision Statement: 

 A departmental culture that values the tenets of respect, diversity, equity, and inclusion, all the while ensuring a sense of belonging for faculty, staff, and students. 

Mission Statement: 

To establish a nursing department whose curriculum and culture embodies inclusion and equity, values humanism, and intersectionality, and promotes a holistic environment in which students and faculty can learn, work, and grow together. Through education and intentional focus, we promote a just society that rejects discrimination, is free from racism, and is safe for all its members.

Member Name Title
Dr. Sherry Manansingh Co-Chair & Associate Professor
Professor Suzanne Elie Co-Chair & Assistant Professor

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Horton Hall, Room 130


Dr. Kevin D. Jordan
VP of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence and Chief Diversity Officer


Andrea Tew
Administrative Coordinator

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