Additional Benefits

If you are a vet of OIF/OEF you are entitled to the NY State Veterans Tuition Award (VTA). The VTA will cover 98% of your tuition only (Not BAH Payments) for 4 yrs of undergrad and 3 yrs of grad school. Visit the Veterans Tuition Awards page for more information. You must be in a matriculating program though. The GI BILL® will pick up the other 2% of tuition as well as fees+book stipend+BAH. If you are not an overseas vet, the VA urges you to apply for Financial Aid.

Furthermore, visit the VA's vocational rehabilitation program site. It is designed to help veterans with service-connected disabilities become employed, maintain employment or achieve independence in daily living.

If you are a member in good standing of the reserve components of the Marines, Navy or Coast Guard, you will be eligible for state aid for tuition through the NY State Naval Militia. You will also be able to utilize CHAPTER 1606 of the GI BILL® simultaneously. For more information call the veterans office or go to the Division of Military and Naval Affairs

Members of the New York Army and Air National Guard are entitled to the same benefits under the Recruit Incentive Retention Program (RIRP)

Last Modified 7/7/22