ALL STUDENTS: Review your degree audit often.

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What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is an accessible and user-friendly advisement tool. It provides students and advisors with an organized outlook degree plan evaluation. It is aimed to help the student progress through his or her degree plan efficiently. DegreeWorks compares the student's academic history with the degree requirements outlined in the College catalog. You can use it to track your academic progress toward a degree, review the requirements you have completed and plan the courses you can take to complete your remaining requirements.

What are the benefits of using DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks provides students with access to their unofficial degree audit which lists information regarding their current program(s) of study including institutional requirements,general education requirements, major requirements (with concentrations if applicable) and minor, dual major and dual degree requirements, should students choose to pursue any one of these. When using DegreeWorks, students will be able to:

  • See degree requirements for their major(s), minor(s) and concentrations (where applicable)
  • See how completed courses and courses in progress apply to degree requirements
  • Identify courses needed to complete their degree
  • View their grades and academic standing
  • View their overall GPA, major GPA and program GPA
  • Create What-If audits to view requirements if intending to change current curriculum
  • Estimate how many semesters it will take to graduate
  • View how transfer credits are used to satisfy degree requirements

Important Note: DegreeWorks is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace fact-to-face advising. Degreeworks is neither an official academic transcript nor an official notification of completion of degree requirements.


When should I look at my degree audit?

At least four times a semester. Please review your degree audit:

Before you meet with your academic advisor to discuss registration for an upcoming semester.
After you register to ensure that the courses you selected applied to your requirements like you thought they would.
After your grades for each semester are posted.
Any time you make a change to your schedule.

Will my degree audit clear me for graduation?

Students and their advisor's may use DegreeWorks to view a student's progress toward meeting graduation requirements, but it is not official certification of your degree. Official final degree audits are approved and certified by the department chairperson at the end of the semester in which the student applies for graduation.

I have submitted my Intent to Graduate Form to the Registrar's Office, where can I find information about commencement?

Once you have submitted an Intent to Graduate Form to the Registrar's Office you can visit the commencement site for further details at

Where can I get more information about how to use DegreeWorks?

If you have any other questions regarding the use of DegreeWorks  go to FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) or email the Registrar's Office at

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Last Modified 9/14/20