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IGNITE Symposium

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Farmingdale's IGNITE Symposium is a celebration of students joining together to collectively share ideas, discoveries, and cutting-edge research through poster presentations and speeches. The IGNITE Symposium is an annual display of Farmingdale State College’s dedication to student research, applied learning, and civic engagement. This event is open to all students who have participated in either Undergraduate Research, Applied-Learning, or Civic Engagement projects throughout the academic year.  Students will have an opportunity to showcase their work either in a traditional poster presentation session or in a TEDTalk-style lecture series entitled Spark Speakers. We are seeking students from all academic majors to present their research, applied learning experiences, or civically-minded engagement opportunities. 

The IGNITE Symposium will take place on Friday, March 31st, 2023. 

Presentation Topics:

Research: Examples may include faculty-led research, senior projects, course-related research, summer research experiences, etc.  
Applied Learning: Examples may include internship experiences, study abroad programs, co-curricular activities, etc.  
Civic Engagement: Examples may include volunteer projects, service learning courses, community service, etc.  


9:30am Check-In and Light Refreshments Campus Ballroom Atrium
10:00am Welcome Address Campus Ballroom (A)
10:10am Keynote Address Campus Ballroom (A)
10:30am Poster Presentations (Session I) Campus Ballroom (B)
11:30am SparkSpeaker (Session I) Campus Ballroom (A)
12:00pm Lunch Campus Ballroom (A)
1:00pm Poster Presentation (Session II) Campus Ballroom (B)
2:00pm SparkSpeakers (Session II) Campus Ballroom (A)
2:30pm Closing Remarks Campus Ballroom (A)



February 1, 2023 - Applications Open 
February 17, 2023 - Applications Closed
By February 22, 2023 - Applicants Notified 
March 7, 2023 and March 9, 2023 - Optional Poster Prep Workshops at FSC  Library (11am to 12pm)
March 21, 2023 - Final Day to Submit Posters for Printing (if using FSC Library)
March 31, 2023 - IGNITE Symposium!

We look forward to reviewing your application. Please email any questions to Research Aligned Mentorship (RAM) Program Director, Dylan Gafarian, at Dylan Gafarian.




IGNITE is an event organized by the Provost's Office that showcases undergraduate students research, applied-learning, and civic engagement projects across all academic disciplines. As the only institutional-wide symposium, this event is designed for students and faculty alike to see the work of scholars and departments. Students will have an opportunity to be nominated by faculty or staff or can self-nominate for either the Poster Presentations or the SparkSpeaker Sessions.

Students will have two ways to participate in the IGNITE Symposium- either during our Poster Presentation or SparkSpeakers Sessions.

Poster Presentation: is a student's chance to display their work among other students as attendees explore the many posters curated. Students sharing their posters are available throughout the session to explain their experience and answer questions related to their work. 

More information on poster presentations can be found here

SparkSpeakers: will consist of two dynamic student speakers from each of the three cornerstones of this symposium: Undergraduate Research, Applied-Learning, and Civic Engagement. These short 7-10 minute presentations will have engaging students sharing the spark that ignited their passion for their research or experience. In a TEDTalk style session, these speakers will seek to share their experience in a captivating minimalistic format. Where their story and experience is the focus.

More information on poster presentations can be found here

Yes; a committee of esteemed faculty and staff will engage with each presenter during the poster session in which one poster from each cornerstone (Undergraduate Research, Applied-Learning, Civic Engagement) will be selected for a $100 VISA gift card.  

The IGNITE Symposium will be held in-person on Friday, March 31st, 2023 from 10am to 3pm. 

A detailed schedule of posters and presentations can be found here. 

Yes, we are seeking volunteers to assist us with day of setup, running, and breakdown of the event! The time spent volunteering with us can also count towards your graduation requirement of applied-learning hours. Sign up to volunteer here


Office of the Provost

Horton Hall, Room 230


Dr. Laura Joseph
Senior Vice President and Provost


Dr. Christopher Malone
Associate Provost


Christine Harrigan
Executive Assistant to the Provost


Holly Gordon
Admin. Assistant to the Provost


Loretta Costello
Admin. Assistant to the Executive Assistant to the Provost


Christopher LaBarbera
Assistant Provost

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