Non-Traditional Student Orientation

Congratulations on your acceptance to Farmingdale State College!

We're excited to announce a new online orientation program for our transfer students, non-traditional students, graduate students, and those Freshmen unable to attend our August sessions.

ALL incoming students who did not attend one of the 4 August in-person Orientation dates must now register for the online orientation program via this payment link External link.

Transfer students, graduate students, or first-time FSC students (starting classes in the Fall 2019 term): You must complete the online-only orientation program with NO in-person component. Register for the online orientation program here .External link

Non-traditional and graduate students will receive program instructions their campus email.

Farmingdale State College's Online Orientation Program will connect you to FSC in a variety of ways.

By completing the program, you will:

-Strengthen your connection to the greater FSC community by touring the campus virtually

-Develop a deeper understanding of how things work at FSC (e.g., Parking, Campus Email, Course Registration, etc.)

-Find and apply for scholarship awards;Learn more about some policies and procedures designed to keep you safe and well-informed

-Discover FSC services, departments, and resources, including Campus Mental Health Services, Student Activities, and The Tutoring Center, in addition to much more!

Transfer Students/Freshmen: After registering and paying for the Online Orientation External link, you must create a First-Time User account by visiting the following link: External link

Please allow a minimum of 2 business days after credit card payment in the Accepted Student Portal for your credentials to be recognized/activated by the Online Orientation software program.

Upon first-time log-in to the above website, you will be prompted to enter your RAM ID and a personal password, which must initially be typed twice for verification. After initial log-in, you will access the software by entering your credentials in the Returning User area.

A few notes on the Online Orientation Program:

The Online Orientation Program has been tested rigorously to be compatible across desktop and mobile platforms. We encourage you to ensure that your browser-of-choice is updated for an optimal viewing experience.

Please note that skipping or buffering during video playback can be the result of many factors, most often relating to internet connection issues. The video provider (Vimeo) is designed to adapt video resolution to the internet connection speed it detects from the viewer. But in the case there are still issues, you may click the HD icon in the play bar and select a lower resolution for the video to play back in. This may help to optimize performance better in cases of high-traffic times of day on that internet service provider's system. You may also try having the video load completely before playback.  Start the video, press pause, and wait for the gray bar to fill along the player timeline before continuing.

Log-in issues:

If you forget your password, please follow the "Forgot Password" link on the bottom right-hand corner of the main page.

If you experience any issues during this online orientation experience, please contact the orientation office. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Best of luck during your career at Farmingdale State College!